The Shutdown PT.3 / What The What?

Its going down..jokers will shut it down like I’m asking the question;  what the what?

Its going down….soon were all victims of circumstances  due to policies implemented by the corrupt!

… Nathan Shady Deals that are cut;  some will even make side deals!

The whole thing is Shady like a Grady!!  that’s the way this bruh feels!

The whole thing is all gravy baby!!!  thats what a shady one said..that’s the deal!! sounding like pep talks from John Boehner….

The whole thing is shady…check out the grey area scenarios ….similar to lucid dreaming by Jared Loughner?

…or maybe losing sleep like Aaron Alexis due to ELF..the drama goes down now its WTF?  what the what?

Those that’ll shut it down tried tried to play you like they cash out like hitting the jackpot at a casino..what the what?

 We rebuke those trying to shut us down..especially after the system tried to play me!!  this Louisville / Newburg bruh is wise to the set up!

Grooves were disturbed per the System because I didn’t merge with they’re mad like ATL Falcon fans because their team didn’t rise up!

Others didn’t wise up…waiting in the dark was the business!

What the what?  that’s the question I’m asking….as the wise and otherwise conducted their business!