Bleach and Penicillin / Hazardous Material

I was all up in the spot it; damn!! was I at Grady in AtlantaShands in Jacksonville…or University in Louisville? it smelled like a hospital.

It smelled like bleach and penicillin!! how were jokers living? what are we supposed to do?

O-Zone sailed across the galaxy wildfires like California…hazardous material fueling the mothership? what’s up with it? we’re handling intergalactic business.

Plus I’m dealing with the drama… haters were trying to stop a brotha…you’ll face charges like  Aaron Hernandez..but I know what the deal is… I’m all on top of this.

Donald Sterling types try to rule the world! but not like Nas talked about..this is some other other.

Check the response;  see what were working with per O-Dizzle!! who’s a funky kind of soul brother.

Check the response;  how were some working it? monstrous like Godzilla? old girl pulled out the Lysol and starting spraying.

It was the original fragrance..meanwhile O-Zone spotted flagrant agents!!  he’s hip to the games they’re playing.

The original plan wasn’t vacated!!  opposition was met from Boko Haram types but we didn’t believe the hypes..were putting it down like this !! were not through dealing.

Check out the funk O-Dog dropped…hazardous material? somebody said it smelled like bleach and penicillin.

What’s the deal with them? janitors / custodians never quit or stopped…cleaning up other people’s mess..

What’s the deal? who’ll understand us? independent…we stopped dealing with other people’s stress..




Good Help Was Hard To Find

We’re out here!!  the saga / struggle continues;  but like no Texas Longhorns taken in the NFL Draft good help was hard to find.

Like I said…the saga / struggle continues;  some are just realizing that it’s rough out here!!  it’s hard on their mind.

Some were misled…waiting in the dark..they didn’t realize they would have to elevate their game.

…take it to another level!!  like dealing with Vladimir Putin relationships were fake!!  as we deal with another devil!!  they soon realize that it’s all game.

This brotha gets scientific;  the mothership is rolling as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta..or just circling the block trying to see what it do.

Like Johnny Manziel sliding in the NFL draft…I couldn’t find anybody to work with me!! damn!! good help is hard to find!!  I see others didn’t know what it do.

Peeping game; I was hip to the harsh conditioning…please!! as I keep mentioning?  it’s rough out here!!

Who’s sleeping in the game?  slipping into darkness like that joint by seems I might have too far to go just to get there.

Get where?  to a safe haven / safe harbor…but the mothership is rolling!! even though  I’m down to less than a quarter of tank of gas.

Hatred? Donald Sterling types harbor…some jokers play it safe..they say they “ain’t misbehaving” .. but I saw them dip down Broadway in Louisville in the old “duece and a quarter” …it was Derby Weekend;  they were playing this.

Meanwhile I had to pray about this; only the Lord can help me…good help is hard to find!!.. it’s rough out here!!  but were trying to put it down like this.

Check the style..breakbeat scientific with it…spiritual warfare is still going down!!  as we continue to fight this.

We’re Still Breakbeat Scientific With It / Business As Usual

Once again it’s on!!  this is business as usual….we’re back at it!!  were back on course.

It’s time to get down like it’s the Masters minus Tiger Woods due to a bad back… but what’s up son?  like Bubba Watson were back on the course.

It’s tight in these hoods…but we’re in the lab aka attack zones cutting up and breaking beats.. the masters of course;  O-Dizzle is getting busy.

It’s tight in these hoods..a drab day in Atlanta …check the mist and drizzle along with the cool weather…rocking a scully…myself?  I bully..O-Zone is getting busy…

It’s tight in these hoods…jokers take a stab at it like the dude at the Pennsylvania school..a fool was flipping out due to the actions of a bully…it ain’t easy…

In rehab / fabrication?  beats get manufactured like souls forged that we’re ain’t nothing nice;  it’s not easy.

In rehab / fabrication like corporate Easter Sunday type business? it’s not easy like Sunday Morning per the Commodores with Lionel Richie.

Exercising power like a forward Alonzo Mourning in the Hall of Fame..but I’m way way out there.. it’ll be hard to reach me.

Earthlings beseech me;  all up in the spot?  they’re in mourning…shorty is gone.. fanatics were in control of this realm.

Check out how we work things;  breakbeat scientific with it but acknowledging God is at the helm.

As we break it down like this!!  we’re spelling it out for them and those.

As we get breakbeat scientific with  it…but like the old school baptist preacher said…we know the devil will oppose.


They Were Playing Me The Other Way PT.2

So what’s up? I’m still fighting this spiritual warfare like a real warrior..but damn!!  I can see they’re still trying to play me the other way.

I know what’s up!! like the Ultimate Warrior I’ve been here!!  I didn’t arrive just the other day.

I do play things another way Vladimir Putin..but the truth? I’m not disputing.. I carry the sword…I guess that gets me in trouble.

…Plus the arch nemesis likes to roll up on the premises!! like Russia in the Ukraine… making the stress double.

I know what the deal is!! so I’m just trying to maintain…actually?  per Isaiah 61:7 we’re getting blessed double  for the trouble!!  ….but I’m just saying.

I know what the deal is!! playing point guard like Isiah Thomas back in the day..going through the process is rough!!  so I’m just praying.

Dealing with the deliberate falsehood per Aunt Jemima and Uncle Thomas types from back in the day….. jokers act false in the hood!! jokers were  playing me the other way…

What’s the deal with it?  it’s all good per searchers for Flight 370 from Malaysia picking up pings from the black box..after playing it another way…

What’s the deal with it?  we continue to fight…the funk plays for ya plus this good word is also straight from the attack zone…

What’s the deal with it? we continue to fight…staying on point like South Korea tracking North Korea drones..

Bass, treble and tone is adjusted…plus the apparatus wasn’t trusted ..I’m staying on point..I kept track of a clone..they’ll make your heartbleed…

Once again it’s on…that’s what’s up with this!! I see I’m not the one anointed..they were playing me the other way..but will this good word will be dropped and will the funk play? true indeed..






We’re Over It / Now We’re Chilling Out In Attack Zones

As we proceed and continue..I’m chilling out..I can here the Ohio Players in the background.

It’s all over was sung by Sugarfoot / Leroy Bonner… what’s up with it?  my roots  are in that black sound!!

Plus it’s all over!!  we’re over it!! we’re moving on to the next!! we’re  leaving the drama behind.

We see the Louisville Cardinals are back to their old ways..building you up to let you down!! breaking your heart!!  we’re over’s like leaving that honey or “little momma”  behind!

But that so called Real Deal Holyfield player down here in the ATL was caught up!!  watching little momma and her behind!!  so he’s distracted.

Meanwhile were over it…life is a marathon..we kept on running!! moves were  universal ..chilling with aliens….out there? ..we interacted.

We’re intergalactic with it!!  lessons were learned!!  they told us how the funk should go.

Fanatics were stressing us!!  bridges were burned…if  lanes weren’t closed per Chris Christie ..the system is dysfunctional.

Mathematics studied out in the mainstream? doing the knowledge?  you should have see how it go!!  meanwhile we’re over it.

We’re putting it down like this!! the funk is rocking  like the California earhquake!!  breakbeat science is used to get over with.

We’re putting it down like this!! spiritual warfare has us chilling out in attack zones…we recognize God is already blessing us…we had diplomatic immunity…no weapons formed would work…

Now haters are like Russia making inquiries about a diplomatic solution…but we’re over…we know how these jokers operate / work…



We Pause For The Cause…Because Were Down For The Cause

So whats up with it?  I checked the said 11:11 am …so I had to pause for the cause!

Some are corrupt with it;  nowhere near benevolent!!  they weren’t down for the cause!

The devil was in it the details;  like it was discussed with shorty over in Decatur..talking about how him and his advocates stay busy!! but a brotha prevails!

Next level dramatics are rebuked…we had the power like Snap!!   the mothership had power that nuked  us through the galaxy…so  we sail!

Next level fanatics will try to hijack the plane like Flight 370 from Malaysia…they’ll fail…no weapons formed would work against us per Ray Lewis..

Check the mathematics..were making adjustments..but heard careless whispers and spotted sideways glances…like were acting brand new with this…

Intergalactic with this…I’m in transition like old school Georgetown or UNLV Running Rebels!

That’s what’s up with this!!  it’s going down!! for the cause? we’re down!!  as we stay ten steps ahead of these devils.

I had to pause for the once again it’s on!!  I’m trying to make it work but meeting opposition.

Technical difficulties surround me…plus the arch nemesis will hound me!!  but I’m on a mission.

High and low technical!! with these..the sound will be analog and digital…cosmic slopping due to cosmic inflation…

Down for the cause from the get go..O-Dog  will rock this!! after pausing for the jazzing, funking it up and hip hopping..check the sonic instigation..




They Were Playing Me The Other Way

So whats up? damn!!..they were playing me like I fell off like Tiger Woods.. jokers seem to be playing me the other way!

Word from a veteran in the game now coaching / running things like Phil Jackson!!  telling you its rough out here..its tight in these hoods!!  especially when dealing with deliberate falsehoods; check me out..I didn’t get here just the other day!

Word!! please!! I’m not an armchair quarterback trying to run another play!! like at the crooked cartel meeting between Chris Christie and Nathan Shady Deal down here in Georgia.. this brotha knows what it does!

As I go there…rolling down I-20 in Atlanta…now I’m over on Glenwood Road in Decatur, Georgia…dude asked whats up brotha?  but every brotha ain’t a brotha!!  I asked him..whats up cuz?

Plus I saw that joker had a buzz going!!  smelled like weed and drank.. 7:00 in the morning after being up all night…now at Ms. Winners trying to get a chicken biscuit…probably one of those cats that like to talk about how high he was!

…Similar to  power-hungry jokers  like Russia in the Ukraine …flexing their so-called authority ….talking about how high they was!

…pardon me..or were;  check the broken English and broken beats..the essence of this discipline!

As we go there..spirits can be broken due to the pain and anguish…but check this breakbeat scientific business as I handle this;  showing discipline!

Quiet is kept… true gangsters move in silence…they’re not caught up in the B.A.S…AKA the bitch ass shxt…whats up with it? jokers thought I was missing something!

Uncouth / unkempt ones were true pranksters that weren’t really doing nothing!

..Like Oscar Pistorius…soon finding out they weren’t exempt from the madness ..not even the March edition..but then they want to try to play me the other way!

…whats the deal with this? mentioned earlier… I’m a veteran in the game now coaching.. I’ve been here!!  I didn’t  arrive just the other day!

Soaking Up Game / The WordPress Edition

Here we go again..reflecting / inspecting…soon deflecting passes like I was playing defense..

Here we go again…soaking up game like players in the street were talking about…either your with it or not..there’s no sitting on the fence…

Check out the debatable circumstances on Super Bowl weekend…being built or torn down? your a superstar one thing you know your in a stupor….

Check out how the system will hate on a bruh per Major Reed in Atlanta…some don’t understand the whole picture…so they act brand new with ya…

I wasn’t trying to debate with ya…it is what it is…who’ll understand the whole scripture? plus like James Brown mentioned…O-Dizzle will  take it to the bridge...

I wasn’t trying to debate ya..but I noticed the reign began with a drizzle…now opposition is met like with Chris Christie and his peeps shutting down lanes on the bridge..

O-Zone maintains…dropping knowledge plus this brand new funk..please!! these brothas will rock…

Danger zone pain is dealt with..we acknowledge that “it ain’t nothing nice”…the saga / struggle continues..we stay on trial like Amanda Knox

Danger zone pain is dealt with..situations erupt like volcanoes in Sumatra..the apparatus knocks the hustle…but at the end of the day? we prevail…

Somebody might have felt it..I did it my way like Frank Sinatra..but these naysayers “holla atcha”…they were hoping that we fail..

But we sail off into the universe like we were on SpaceShip Two..even though China wouldn’t let their citizens on…

We use a beat and a verse to get breakbeat it might be hard to find a bruh..we kept on running….life is a marathon….

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / After The Holiday Sale

Unike Hollywood actresses and super models a bruh is mentally binging and purging!

Still down here in the hood!!  but back with this with breakbeat scientific model:  off the hinges when I work this thing!

Word from O-Dizzle!!  a Louisville / Newburg dude bringing these clearance rack epiphanies!

Thats the real dizzle!!  the real deal Holyfield  with Rick Ross living in his old house for those asking whats up with these!

Please!!  this is word from a veteran in the game whose now coaching like John Wooden!

Please!!  I was wise to the set up… Armageddon was approaching!! but these jokers wanna see you strung out like Dwight Gooden!

But he hung on…not down and out but working it out…but jokers are soon  recognizing this is a hood thing after I show and prove!

Others said  one thing then they did another!!  loyalty? please!!  they didn’t prove!

So I move on…I’m over it just like the holiday season…MLK Day was earlier this check out these clearance rack  epiphanies!

I move on;  life is a marathon…. I’m over it!! what?  the treason!!  but the mode can go from NYC stop and frisk  to shop and frisk in Macy’s or even  Barney’s or Tiffany’s!

But these clearance rack epiphanies are accessible…O-Zone has the conglomerate..

Bringing these Random Thoughts and Sonic Assaults…but usually in this zone ? no one is checking for me…unless they said a con did it..


Were We Being Built Or Torn Down?

Somebody might know what I’m talking about per Richard Pryor!

Wondering Which Way Is Up!! check the NYC stop and frisk from cops that are corrupt! we hope you didn’t have priors!

I’m wandering through Babylon!! slick tires on the hooptie, it’s leaking oil and  I’m down to a quarter of a tank of gas!

But I’m wondering;  am I being built or torn down?  because God will continue to bless!

…Plus the  odd will continue to stress  like the Russian terrorist crackdown per the Winter Olympics; please!! they’re even looking for the Black Widow!! you should know these devils advocates stay busy!

Circumstances are debatable..check the dynamics;  are we being  built or torn down?  some try to maintain their  lofty position…but I’m trying to be easy!

….Per Sunday Morning per the I dip through these portals or doors!!  some wonder what I’m on!

Some are in mourning after finding about how the sport goes!! its complex! but like The Doors?  were Riders Of The Storm!

Like Alonzo Mourning I exercise power like a forward  or  center all up in the game!

Whatcha know?  its hard to move forward!!  being built or torn down?  …when were caught up in the game?

It’s all game!  I mentioned that the sport is complex!! check the circumstance!

Being built or torn down? they said it  got hot due to global warming!!  but check  out the polar vortex or debatable circumstance!