Artificial Intelligence

So how was it?  pundits say its the real deal like Holyfield!!  they said its official!

Heard about the buzz;  whats up cuz?  some promised abundance!!  like Obamacare..programs were beneficial!

But the intelligence was artificial…check the circumstance;  were we being built or torn down?

…plus the intelligence was slacking!! check the Boston Bombers or Eric Snowden or even Aaron Alexis with ELF….whatcha knowing?  check out how its going down!

Plus the belligerence was heard;  stories of hacking Dick Cheney’s heart to nursery rhymes by Ted Cruz!

Plus belligerence was heard;  some said Missions were Impossible per Tom Cruise!

Were making a difference…. we didn’t abort these missions..that’s impossible!!  from cruising I-20 in Atlanta to I-580 / 880 in Oakland we got open!

Please!! this art is official!!  check the intelligence..but who will understand a bruh?  as I get open!

Cruising through the galaxy..dealing with intergalactic drama..aliens didn’t save it for their momma!

Cruising down Candler Rd in Decatur…then dipped over to Glenwood Road where ATLiens were in hustler / street mode…they  didn’t save the drama for their momma!

Please!!  as we get with you…this art is official!! no have to read between the lines..

No justice no peace!! this art is official!! no artificial intelligence..based on knowing what the deal is…it was easy to read these minds..

The Shutdown PT.3 / What The What?

Its going down..jokers will shut it down like I’m asking the question;  what the what?

Its going down….soon were all victims of circumstances  due to policies implemented by the corrupt!

… Nathan Shady Deals that are cut;  some will even make side deals!

The whole thing is Shady like a Grady!!  that’s the way this bruh feels!

The whole thing is all gravy baby!!!  thats what a shady one said..that’s the deal!! sounding like pep talks from John Boehner….

The whole thing is shady…check out the grey area scenarios ….similar to lucid dreaming by Jared Loughner?

…or maybe losing sleep like Aaron Alexis due to ELF..the drama goes down now its WTF?  what the what?

Those that’ll shut it down tried tried to play you like they cash out like hitting the jackpot at a casino..what the what?

 We rebuke those trying to shut us down..especially after the system tried to play me!!  this Louisville / Newburg bruh is wise to the set up!

Grooves were disturbed per the System because I didn’t merge with they’re mad like ATL Falcon fans because their team didn’t rise up!

Others didn’t wise up…waiting in the dark was the business!

What the what?  that’s the question I’m asking….as the wise and otherwise conducted their business!