Card Carrying Members PT.2 / Whats In Your Wallet?

What it do? whats in your wallet?  we were denied access!!  thought and fashion police said this spot is for card-carrying members only!

What it do?  like Republicans shutting down the government..will authority be defied?  fantasy and reality are clashing!! O-Zone  never forgot..he remembers how the danger zone will be!

Going in / getting it in..thats whats up with me…O-Dizzle is smashing beats!! check the blend!! plus check the steady bombardment of the enemy position!

…Rebuking the meals prepared by chefs in hells kitchen; no nourishment !!  they just lead to malnutrition!

North Korean threats of nuking left some in a foul disposition…plus chemical weapons were held by Syrians!

Abort your mission I was told!!  threats were made by thought and fashion police because I wasn’t a card-carrying member!! but  I didn’t consider them serious ones!

Whats in your wallet? how much money is in your pocket?  these days?  they’re serious ones!! I  spotted squatters  ….posted up in the foreclosed home over in Atlanta or Decatur!

Its rough on these ATLiens!!  Bulldogs, Yellowjackets, Falcons, Braves and the Hawks losing!! but down I-20 in Atlanta I’m cruising… rocking Louisville Cardinals gear!!  was I considered a hater?

Its rough out here!!  vacationers in Belize consider retiring there..posting up permanently!

Its rough out here!!  I’m a card-carrying member!! in the paint I’m posted up…who will work with me? 

Showing restraint or get toasted!!  soon caught out there in the system / matrix!

Showing that the pain didn’t get to us!! as we coasted through the galaxy genuine / authentic when we kick it!

Thats the ticket!!  even though we weren’t card-carrying members!

Whats in your wallet? we choose to rock it!! breakbeat scientific when we kick it!! word from these sonic defenders!


Card Carrying Members Only

So whats up?  access was denied!! unless its NYPD undercover in Hollywood Stuntz…I left the hood so I could gather and hunt..but they said this area was for card-carrying members!

So whats up?  at the end of the day like vets and military families affected by the government finds out the apparatus folds and mutilates;  body parts?  it dismembers!

One who does the knowledge and remembers the time like Michael Jackson is usually up on it!

It wasn’t the time we fell in love…its like an NBA game…in the paint …under the basket?  jokers push and shove!  but some are up on it!

It doesn’t matter if your like Waka Flocka Flame and  go hard in the paint!!  it wasn’t the time that got them?  please!!  the clock keeps ticking even if you have a card!

Master / Visa / Discovery or a proximity card to get in the building!! ..but soon yielding;  soon from the premises your barred!

…like I tried to do with the arch nemesis;  but they keep showing up!

But seeds are planted in secret gardens…by-products / plants keep growing up!

“Who you knowing ” up in this piece?  security will ask..they say it’s for card-carrying members!

I kept flowing up in this piece!!  Doing What I Do!! one step ahead of the apparatus!!  jokers like Republicans and Koch Industries shutting down the government as history repeats!!  this brotha remembers!

I kept flowing up in this piece!! unlike the pipeline that blew up in Oklahoma

Whatcha knowing?  they told me access is denied…I’m not a card-carrying member..I told them act like you knew a bruh!!

The Arch Nemesis Is On The Premises PT.3

Security is compromised…now the arch nemesis is on the premises!

Curious George types aka Republicans wouldn’t the government is shutdown due to empty promises!

Serious when we come with this!!  like Saturn In Scorpio Interfacing with the Uranus Pluto Square…keeping squares out of my circle!

Knowing how the sport will go;  a veteran in the game peeping game!

Spotted the arch nemesis rolling up from a galaxy away!!  supposedly living the American Dream!  but I wasnt sleeping in the game!

Lucid dreaming like Jared Loughner…The ATLien dipped down I-20 in the Lexus SUV!! a rental or loaner?  swagging / fronting in the game!

Delusional like Miriam Carey or even Aaron Alexis?  dipping like the SUV..the Range Rover on Westside highway in NYC!!  being chased in the game!

Bikers thought they were lame as Hollywood Stuntz are pulled!! who said  these are the best of crimes? 

The arch nemesis even said like us on Facebook! said they’re  the hottest in the hood!!  said these are the best of times!

The empty promise was spoken!!  face to face with a crook!! many heard the telemarketer or received the spam e-mail!

The empty promise was spoken or written by the Russian, Nigerian, or Eastern European…. don’t open that e-mail!!

The arch nemesis is on the premises!!  seeing you or me fail is the mission! I

….spotted them a galaxy away!!  check out how I play!!  using a fresh view fresh vision!

The Shutdown PT.3 / What The What?

Its going down..jokers will shut it down like I’m asking the question;  what the what?

Its going down….soon were all victims of circumstances  due to policies implemented by the corrupt!

… Nathan Shady Deals that are cut;  some will even make side deals!

The whole thing is Shady like a Grady!!  that’s the way this bruh feels!

The whole thing is all gravy baby!!!  thats what a shady one said..that’s the deal!! sounding like pep talks from John Boehner….

The whole thing is shady…check out the grey area scenarios ….similar to lucid dreaming by Jared Loughner?

…or maybe losing sleep like Aaron Alexis due to ELF..the drama goes down now its WTF?  what the what?

Those that’ll shut it down tried tried to play you like they cash out like hitting the jackpot at a casino..what the what?

 We rebuke those trying to shut us down..especially after the system tried to play me!!  this Louisville / Newburg bruh is wise to the set up!

Grooves were disturbed per the System because I didn’t merge with they’re mad like ATL Falcon fans because their team didn’t rise up!

Others didn’t wise up…waiting in the dark was the business!

What the what?  that’s the question I’m asking….as the wise and otherwise conducted their business!