The Workshop (Part Eight)

Excuse us but the workshop is open, we’re putting work in even on this Christmas Day. 

Happy holidays to you and yours!!  if you don’t celebrate it? love is still shown that’s how we play!!

The good word is dropped and the music plays, but there’s a crack in the wall plus the roof is on fire but don’t worry. It’s caused by Flashback Friday sounds, we came through with the boom / disco inferno working with sounds that are funky!

It carried over to this Saturday morning, digital crate digging continues we’re rocking! funk in the stocking? oh that’ll be the present! Merry Christmas!

Not “buking and scorning” with the lump of coal that’s not how we roll / not what the deal is!

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Soaking Up Scorpio Sun Rays (Part Three)

Checked the science for the day while still soaking up Scorpio sun rays for a couple of more days;  damn! like negotiations concerning Biden’s BBB plan expectations are lowered like flying the flag at half staff for a  so called government hero. 

Minds are blown like cloak and dagger rendering when the blessings in front of us are not acknowledged, some feel like a zero..

..when situations are above zero aka positive, no cloak of invisibility involved just do the math; it’s the little things in life that are very important. 

Persuasions from below zero equations add to problems eventually creating positive results check out how the sport will get! 

Kept it moving per this Scorpio season with the Taurus Lunar Eclipse not quitting or stopping, visions of blowing up like the Russians did the satellite out by the International Space Station?

Showing and proving but expecting opposition like bogus / dubious approval polls per Biden and Harris knowing “jokers aren’t fair”  with that or this check out the occasion!

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Not Trying To Waste Your Time Or Mine (Part Four)

 It’s going down on this Fabulous Friday, I keep telling y’all it’s a blessing to be here!

I’m not trying to waste your time or mine but check out the life celebration, we’re taking it there!

In the process? Flashback Friday business is also handled but excuse us as we take it back to the future!

The prognosis? we analyzed the information from the past but we’re not trying to stay in that time frame, excuse us as we act brand new with ya!

Moving forward, so what’s next? you might have saw me on the mothership blasting off from this runway out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Not trying to waste your time or mine as the Brotha gets breakbeat scientific, hopefully somebody will understand the Brotha!

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Mr. Fingers ‎– Outer Acid

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we get this HumpDay Extravaganza going..

Setting it off / going off getting over the hump blasting off like a Space X launch with astronauts on the way to the International Space Station; we’ll keep going..

Oh yeah!! that’s how we’re flowing, local / national / international / intergalactic ; been there and done that!!

Oh yeah!! that’s how we’re flowing not acting irrational like Wayne County Election Canvassers trying to front on Detroit about the election count; please!! the D don’t play that!!

Acting irrational like Rudy Giuliani up in Pennsylvania or Georgia with their recount interfered with by Lindsey Graham? naw!! we’re just trying to jam like Larry Graham..

Acting irrational? damned by player haters that say we’re tripping like we’re on some acid, like we had a gram!!

Damn!! I had to admit I’m listening to some house music / acid house by Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers ‎with a track called Outer Acid..

Damn!! I had to admit I’m tripping but I haven’t dropped any acid it’s due to ways of the world / the external stimuli but at the moment I’m just chilling; but not trying to be complacent..

Satellite Station Transmissions PT.8 (Remote Outpost Musings)

We broadcast from a remote outpost in the galaxy, but we set up a satellite station out off of I-20 in Atlanta…

The podcast will blast, plus O-Zone is not trying to out-brag or out-boast anyone like Donald Trump gaining respect from Vladimir Putin:   check the bromance, I mentioned game recognizes game, understand a brotha?

The blast from the Sonic Assault hits up those that are faking!! intergalactic like Stars Wars The Force Awakens!! plus it’s local, national and international…

Who’s caught out there!! caught up in the system / matrix!! apparently the force wasn’t with them, like Americans pledging allegiance to ISIS they were acting irrational…

Told you I was out there, my compound or complex is out beyond the ISS aka International Space Station.

Earthlings didn’t want to play fair, they’ll try to get slick with it like the Bernie Sanders campaign, know what I’m saying?

I see how jokers work things while peeping game from my satellite station, now check out these musings / transmissions: The Olds Cutlass broke down due to slipping transmissions but I’m still not found where the fake ride / where a snake will hide!!  please!! I peeped out the Rise Of The Cobra..

….per GI Joe, so whatcha know? who will peep your cash flow?  fake ones will act like they know ya!!!

So whatcha know?  electronic thought tranfers from remote satellite stations  are made to ya!! O-Zone stays on point, he wasn’t dreaming..

Going for what we know, check out these transmissions!! during intermissions? we didn’t believe dude that said he wasn’t scheming..

He was just another politician lined up at the GOP Debate, but we couldn’t relate!! O-Dog dropped the beat, O-Zone’s Good Word is like the Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary..

Hustles get knocked, but we stay strong!! God is with us!!  we’re exercising Diplomatic Immunity..