Frankie Knuckles Boiler Room DJ Set

Sunday Jazz Continues….stretching the boundaries with this post. Checking out this Frankie Knuckles Boiler Room DJ Set.  Its relevant though…he usually pumps that jazzy house music…check him out!!

Todd Terry Boiler Room DJ Set

Sunday Jazz Continues…bending the boundaries a little bit…rocking some jazz / house music / breakbeats with a  Todd Terry Boiler Room DJ Set…couldn’t locate a playlist…its just a bruh rocking it…its rocking y’all!! 

Jazz/Funk/Blues/Soul Mini Mix Vol.1

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out this Jazz/Funk/Blues/Soul Mini Mix Vol.1 from Peter Woodland’s You Tube Channel..  …well put together mix!! check out the playlist and the mix!!

1) Intro/There’s Something Going On – The Roots
2) Jazz Thing – Gang Starr
3) Kissa Me Baby – Ray Charles
4) The Place – DJ Format feat Chali 2na & Akil
5) (voiceover) The Way I Think – DJ Numark & Pomo
6) The Which – The Bamboos
7) In the Bamboo Groove – The Bamboos
8) The Payback Mix – Unknown Artist
9) Static – James Brown
10) Funky Drummer – James Brown
11) Hazlo Correcto – Red Astaire
12) Cold Feet – Albert King
13) Putting Shame In Your Game – Beastie Boys
14) Dog Wash – Cooking on 3 burners
15) (voiceover) Doc Brown – Back to the Future

16) Snake Charmer – Rage Against The Machine
17) My Babys Cheating – The Bamboos
18) Giving up food for funk (remix) – DJ Format
19) Live From The P.Js – The Roots
20) (voiceover) Jazz Club – The Fast Show
21) Hot Music – SoHo
22) Unknown Track recorded off the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show
23) (voiceover) Ron Burgundy – Anchorman (jazz flute scene)
24) The Bus Stop – Unknown Artist
25) Pappas Got A Brand New Bag – James Brown
26) I Got The Feeling – James Brown
27) Essaywhuman?!!!??! – The Roots
28) Pow – Beastie Boys
29) Outro – DJ Yoda

Sunday Jazz / The Don’t Worry About It Mix

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out another one of my jazz / funk / breakbeat mixes called Don’t Worry About It Mix. Check out some my other mixes at Soundcloud 

I have other mixes at the O-Dog Podcast and also at Hulkshare…check this mix out!!

GQ Podcast – Dirty Electro Mix & Hashtag Guest Mix [Ep.59]

Digital Crate Digging Continues…..I know the weekend is over…but still in a mood for some DJ mixes….checking out out these electro mixes from GQ (Going Quantum)   …and Hashtag check out the playlist from both;

00:00 Jibberdee – Pipano (Tiako Remix) [Hard Granada Records]
03:06 Rocket Pimp – I Think It’s Me [Free Download]
04:06 Alex Mind – Facelift [Bazooka Records]
06:35 Parisyte – Push [Big Fish Recordings]
07:51 Deorro J-Trick feat Dye – Can You Hear Me [Club Cartel Records]
08:22 Savage Skulls – Adrum Drum [U&A Recordings]
09:51 Vodge Diper feat Jay Jacob – Next To You [Big Fish Recordings]
13:50 Parisyte – White Sun [Big Fish Recordings]

14:54 Hashtag – Take Control [Technique Recordings]
16:00 Metrik – Drift [Viper Recordings]
17:29 Kove – Stellar [Viper Recordings]
19:19 Tantrum Desire – Reach VIP [Technique Recordings]
20:47 Dimension – Digital World [Cyantific]
23:00 Hashtag – Paralysis [Technique Recordings]
25:08 Hashtag – Law & Order [Free DL via Technique Recordings]
26:39 Fred V & Grafix – Decades [Talkin Beatz]
28:07 2DB – Blunderbus [Technique Recordings]
29:57 Tantrum Desire – Get With It [Technique Recordings]
31:25 KG – The Day She Walked Away [Talkin Beatz]
32:52 2DB – Ghetto Boy [Technique Recordings]
33:34 Hashtag – Hurt & Pain [Technique Recordings]
35:27 Dimension ft Cyantific – Detroit [Cyantific]
37:27 Tony Anthem & Axl Ender VS Erb N Dub — Rise (Urban Assault Remix) [Heavy Artillery]
39:49 Danny Freakazoid & Strobe – Follow Me (KG Remix) [Talkin Beatz]

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: GQ Podcast – Dirty Electro Mix & Hashtag Guest Mix [Ep.59].