Jumping and Recognizing (The Scripture and The Mixture)

Some may Do The Knowledge;  Then they’re  recognizing; they’ll  Jump To The Same Conclusion I Have!!

…Either do that or You’ll Get Played!!  now downsizing!! you’ll end up losing what you have!!

Like the CIA torture report being released the fabric will unravel;  Hanging On A String like Loose Ends?

Receiving the Knockout Message per the Sonic Blackjack?  or Reality and the message that truth sends?

O-Dog will provide proof with his blends and mixes;  esoteric / eclectic Knowledge? O-Zone kicks it..

What It Do? What It Does? at the end of the day? some realize that this world is Wicked…

…As some come slick with it;  this ot that? they’ll try to tweak this!!!

Not Mad Atcha!!! we’re all just products  of the conditions in this world; that’s why I’m in conflict with it!! I know how bleak it is!!!

Visualized The Sequence!! Some Already Knew!!! They Did The Knowlegde….

Now were Ready To Roll;  The Mothership will get good mileage!!

Knowing how foul it is!! some may Jump To The Same Conclusion!!!

But these brothas fight back with  the sound; that’s what we’re using..using!!!

The Sonic Assault / The O-Dog Drum Beat

 Sunday Jazz Continues…The O-Dog aka O-Dizzle is launching another Sonic Assault!! He’s using that smooth / basic  O-Dog Drum Beat…that’s all he needs! ..Check This Mix Out

Sunday Jazz / The Intergalactic Drama Mix PT.2

Sunday Jazz Continues….so much drama in the ATL ..its hard being OMANXL…1..That’s whats up son!! Actually the drama is going down everywhere….I had a dream I was out on Pluto bumping heads with aliens!! Came up with a soundtrack for it…Check out the Intergalactic Drama Mix PT.2


Sunday Jazz / The Don’t Worry About It Mix

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out another one of my jazz / funk / breakbeat mixes called Don’t Worry About It Mix. Check out some my other mixes at Soundcloud 

I have other mixes at the O-Dog Podcast and also at Hulkshare…check this mix out!!

Holland Tunnel Project – Hell Up In Newark


Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out the Holland Tunnel Project….with Hell Up In Newark…from a project called What Hip Hop Left Behind…Holland Tunnel Project consists of  Harold Martin and Trouble Jones….plus other musicians…check them out!!



Waiting For Answers Mix /Sunday Jazz

Sunday Jazz Continues….kicking things off with one of my mixes….a little something called Waiting For Answers

…a mix featuring Gino Vannelli and Gene Harris…chopped and cut up O-Dizzle style.

…with that good word from O-Zone…check it out….

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Waiting For Answers Mix /Sunday Jazz.