Jumping and Recognizing (The Scripture and The Mixture)

Some may Do The Knowledge;  Then they’re  recognizing; they’ll  Jump To The Same Conclusion I Have!!

…Either do that or You’ll Get Played!!  now downsizing!! you’ll end up losing what you have!!

Like the CIA torture report being released the fabric will unravel;  Hanging On A String like Loose Ends?

Receiving the Knockout Message per the Sonic Blackjack?  or Reality and the message that truth sends?

O-Dog will provide proof with his blends and mixes;  esoteric / eclectic Knowledge? O-Zone kicks it..

What It Do? What It Does? at the end of the day? some realize that this world is Wicked…

…As some come slick with it;  this ot that? they’ll try to tweak this!!!

Not Mad Atcha!!! we’re all just products  of the conditions in this world; that’s why I’m in conflict with it!! I know how bleak it is!!!

Visualized The Sequence!! Some Already Knew!!! They Did The Knowlegde….

Now were Ready To Roll;  The Mothership will get good mileage!!

Knowing how foul it is!! some may Jump To The Same Conclusion!!!

But these brothas fight back with  the sound; that’s what we’re using..using!!!

The Sonic Assault / The O-Dog Drum Beat

 Sunday Jazz Continues…The O-Dog aka O-Dizzle is launching another Sonic Assault!! He’s using that smooth / basic  O-Dog Drum Beat…that’s all he needs! ..Check This Mix Out

Sunday Jazz / The Intergalactic Drama Mix PT.2

Sunday Jazz Continues….so much drama in the ATL ..its hard being OMANXL…1..That’s whats up son!! Actually the drama is going down everywhere….I had a dream I was out on Pluto bumping heads with aliens!! Came up with a soundtrack for it…Check out the Intergalactic Drama Mix PT.2


Sunday Jazz / The Don’t Worry About It Mix

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out another one of my jazz / funk / breakbeat mixes called Don’t Worry About It Mix. Check out some my other mixes at Soundcloud 

I have other mixes at the O-Dog Podcast and also at Hulkshare…check this mix out!!

Holland Tunnel Project – Hell Up In Newark


Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out the Holland Tunnel Project….with Hell Up In Newark…from a project called What Hip Hop Left Behind…Holland Tunnel Project consists of  Harold Martin and Trouble Jones….plus other musicians…check them out!!



Another Star/Cedar Walton

Sunday Jazz Continues….checking out pianist Cedar Walton’s take on Stevie Wonder’s Another Star….remixed by DJ Spinna and Bobbito from the Wonder of Stevie……a tribute to Stevie Wonder.

This tribute featured versions of Stevie’s songs done by Lionel Hampton…Minnie Riperton ….Ramsey Lewis and others. Check it out!!

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Another Star/Cedar Walton.