James Brown – Papa Don’t Take No Mess part 1 & 2

Digital Crate Digging Continues….excuse me while I dig deep in the crates …blowing the dust off this groove….putting the needle down on the record…excuse the crackling sound….its part of the ambience…

Checking out this classic from James Brown – Papa Don’t Take No Mess Part 1 & 2…ladies and gentleman? it doesn’t get any better than this…


As We Proceed / We Keep It Moving / Good Things Happen That Way…

As we proceed and continue…we keep it moving…good things happen that way…so  its time to move on to the next!

True indeed…but damn!!  is it a Turkish Spring?  how will we work this thing?  damn!! of course were wishing it was simple;  but things get complex!

But were doing the damn thing!! coming with the next!!  it’s the next chapter!!  it’s going down like this!

The funky drummer is drumming….O-Dizzle channels the spirit  and O-Zone has this good word; that’s how we plan to fight this!

Muscle and might is flexed like El Reno tornadoes with the Sonic Assault after hell was caught!!  now some will get whats coming to them!

Hustlers and players were soon out-of-pocket like Chrysler with dangerous  Grand Jeep Cherokees;  nothing was coming to them!

Whats up?  the system stays in our pockets!!  banks and oil companies make a killing!

Whats up?  as we proceed and continue ….we  keep it moving like European Black Markets…we put it down like this!! we weren’t through dealing!

Observing the scene; but were through chilling!!  now were ready to roll!!  were on our way!

Been there!! heard or seen it!! we know how these jokers are going to play! but we proceed and continue..we kept it moving…good things happen that  way…

Armchair quarterbacks run another play;  plus shadetree mechanics tighten screws!

But we proceed and continue to go there….ignoring fanatics we drop these mathematics on these different crews!

Jazz/Funk/Blues/Soul Mini Mix Vol.1

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out this Jazz/Funk/Blues/Soul Mini Mix Vol.1 from Peter Woodland’s You Tube Channel..  …well put together mix!! check out the playlist and the mix!!

1) Intro/There’s Something Going On – The Roots
2) Jazz Thing – Gang Starr
3) Kissa Me Baby – Ray Charles
4) The Place – DJ Format feat Chali 2na & Akil
5) (voiceover) The Way I Think – DJ Numark & Pomo
6) The Which – The Bamboos
7) In the Bamboo Groove – The Bamboos
8) The Payback Mix – Unknown Artist
9) Static – James Brown
10) Funky Drummer – James Brown
11) Hazlo Correcto – Red Astaire
12) Cold Feet – Albert King
13) Putting Shame In Your Game – Beastie Boys
14) Dog Wash – Cooking on 3 burners
15) (voiceover) Doc Brown – Back to the Future

16) Snake Charmer – Rage Against The Machine
17) My Babys Cheating – The Bamboos
18) Giving up food for funk (remix) – DJ Format
19) Live From The P.Js – The Roots
20) (voiceover) Jazz Club – The Fast Show
21) Hot Music – SoHo
22) Unknown Track recorded off the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show
23) (voiceover) Ron Burgundy – Anchorman (jazz flute scene)
24) The Bus Stop – Unknown Artist
25) Pappas Got A Brand New Bag – James Brown
26) I Got The Feeling – James Brown
27) Essaywhuman?!!!??! – The Roots
28) Pow – Beastie Boys
29) Outro – DJ Yoda

Maceo Parker – There Was A Time

Digital Crate Digging Continues….felt like hearing some live music….ran across this gem…Maceo Parker’s version of James Brown’s there was a time…check it out!!

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Maceo Parker – There Was A Time.

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: James Brown – Escape-Ism (complete take)

Digital Crate Digging…In Conjunction with the Super Full Moon Madness..presents James Brown with his classic track Escapism..

…appropriate for the moment…gazing at the full moon…minds wandering…dreaming…reflecting…escaping everyday hassles…Escape-ism.

..I like the way James Brown is just free styling / ad-libbing while the funkiest band in history is playing in the background..

…..I like when mentioned all the towns in Georgia where cats in the band were from…I know where all of them are!! I guess us Louisville brothas get around..

..anyway check out the track….an extended version..check it out at THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: James Brown – Escape-Ism (complete take).

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / Information Overload..

Whats the deal? please!! seasons change; now were into spring…stores get rid of winter merchandise!

Reasons change  like the Secret Service sex scandal..but we still drop these clearance rack epiphanies;  but we relocated …you probably heard it aint nothing nice

Banned from Blogster;  they tried to scandalize my name like Metta World Peace..please!! …they thought I was a mobster; even though I do show those tendencies!

But actually I’m a scientist dealing with the information overload;  that’s why I bring these clearance rack epiphanies!

As I deal with these and those episodes…there’s no justice or peace….like in Sudan / South Sudan…we’re  bumping heads with the thought and fashion police!

As I deal with these and those episodes..Louisville /  Newburg is embedded in my soul; so when I roll a brotha can’t be at ease!

Soaked in the game like collard greens in the pot liquor ….please!!  “whatsoever I do has got to be funky” … word from James Brown to Bobby Byrd!

I’m a funky type of soul brotha….but cloaked in invisibility; cloak and dagger ones question the ability!!  they try to get ill with me…silly games go down; you heard?

North Koreans  joked about it…they had weapons stashed…meanwhile with titans we clashed..soon feeling their wrath? please !! we had this math…it seems to be working..

Players choked;  no last-minute heroics!!  the word on the curb is discouraging.

Brothas are working it out per Willie Hutch coming through in the clutch; dropping these clearance rack epiphanies!

Letting jokers work it out; letting them go on about their business while we handle this breakbeat science business !! bear witness to what the deal is!

Maceo Parker – Cold Sweat

Digital crate digging continues….whats so fun about this? the music can go in any direction O-Dog wants to take it…check out  James Brown protege Maceo Parker with  his version of James Brown’s Cold Sweat…the gang’s all here too!!

Maceo Parker – alto sax; Fred Wesley – trombone; Pee Wee Ellistenor sax; Bruno Speight – guitar; Will Boulware – organ; Carroll Dashiell – Bass; and yeah that’s brother Melvin Parker on drums!