Love Underground · VOL 22 | Deep House, Classics

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus as a Sunday morning transitions into Sunday afternoon; check us out as this brunch / meal is prepared..

Some spaz in these venues they waited in the dark following a hunch; but I’m grateful / thankful that I’m still here, my life was spared..

Some dared to spread misinformation like Trump talking about the election was rigged..

Truth spared? this minister of information O-Zone will flood the zone section with beats that bump plus this good word when he gigged..

Some will dig this Love Underground · VOL 22 | Deep House, Classics as the Grau Selection puts it down like this..

Some will dig these jazzdance / house music sounds as we celebrate life, O-Dog Day Partying!! check out the playlist and the mix..

1 – DJ Steaw – Sky Hunt – 00:00…

2 – Daniel Leseman – So Fine (Original Mix) – 07:26…

3 – Spiritchaser – Paradise Row (Richard Earnshaw’s Horizont Re Vision) – 13:08…

4 – Ben Hauke ft Unkle Lemz – We Trying – 19:20…

5 – Marc-Lo – Moments – 23:24…

6 – Johannes – Follow Me (P-Mayer Remix) – 29:35…

7 – Sensorama – Echtzeit (Move D Remix) – 34:47…

8 – Daphne – Change (Theme From Change) – 41:00…

9 – Dazu – Grant – 47:05…

10 – Nick Holder – Space Traveller – 53:15…

11 – Rinôçérôse – – 56:42



Love Underground · VOL 20 | Jazz House

Sunday Jazz Continues on a cloudy afternoon / evening  in Atlanta, down here in Georgia ; ground zero for the direction of democracy?

Some will spaz like Proud Boys in DC, some will understand me as in the midst of the ill crowd I don’t lose my poise; using this sound to be a hero? oh yes it’s weaponized to fight the fallacy..

Jokers are proud to get foul with you and me in this sport; the referees looked the other way..

Jokers loud packed here in Atlanta, plus the empty Newport pack in the green pack and the empty Kentucky Barton Vodka bottle was spotted on the curb; appetites? some couldn’t curb but O-Zone had to back away from the buffet..

This brotha is playing it another way, still down here on the ground  like George Benson coming through listening to Love Underground · VOL 20 | Jazz House..

Check out the playlist and the mix, O-Dog Day Partying and Afternoon Jazzing with this when we’re “all up in the house”


1 – petitMaurice – Autumn In Ny – 00:00

2 – Kaffe Creme – Kapo Choc (Original Mix) – 04:13

3 – Ramin Rezaie – Werkin’ – 08:49

4 – Bellaire – At Jazz Club – 13:35

5 – Ben Hauke – She Moved To My Area – 17:55

6 – Soul Wun – I Wish I Knew – 24:10

7 – Early Motions – Late Night Coffee High – 30:55

8 – M in & Bastian Schuster – New Orleans – 35:45

9 – Extra Medium – Shake My Hand (Original Mix) – 40:35

10 – Tim Deluxe – JAS (Club Mix) – 43:35

11 – Hokuto Sato – Jazz On The Moon – 49:20


Soothsayers – Dis and Dat (Ben Hauke Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; who’s going to run with me?

The saga / struggle continues! life goes on!! toil and strife? it goes on even in this new year of 2020..

Some are done with a player like me already and the year just started!! they want me to suspend this campaign like Cory Booker..

Some are done with a player like me!! naysayers will say “dis and dat” ; lying like Trump talking about imminent threats concerning Qasem Soleilmani; that’s not me, that’s how a crook will do..

This chef from soul’s kitchen will cook for you, listening to some house music / jazzdance / afrobeat from the Soothsayers with a track called Dis and Dat (Ben Hauke Remix)

This is how a dude rolls when he’s “all up in the house”; advancing, not rolling with those like soothsayers from the bible, it’s easy to be liable!! we’re rocking doing something viable getting breakbeat scientific..