Updating The Captains Log PT.3

*Out There*  tripping!!  as I update this Captain’s Log I’m telling you  it’s rough out there dwelling on the outer limits!!  it’s like I’m in the suburbs beyond the bus line..

Rolling on the bus? thrown under it anyway!!  supposedly like Master P No Limit? please!!  from Cincinnati per Samuel Dubose down to Texas with Sandra Bland the system doesn’t trust mine

….Saying mine will do this, that and the other!!  my folk are the prime suspects..

What’s happening Captain? where did we find you? inquiring minds asked me, but I see them  with the crowd that disrespects..

*We’re Rolling*  through the galaxy like Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise as we continue to pursue the prize!! O-Dog will find you a funky break, dusting off the vinyl now the funk is dropped!!  oh!! that’s a top priority…

*We’re Rolling* updating this Captain’s Log after we see how things work in this hostile territory…

*We’re Rolling*  that’s what’s happening Captain!! we had work to do blue collar style but we  can’t catch a break!!  no justice no peace per busting mine!!  pleasing the prison industrial complex..

Soul controlling!! getting paid per diem. jeopardizing your freedom!!!  feel me? classes and seminars are conducted as we come with the next!!

Controlling / maintaining as the sport is complex!! we’re letting you know per this Captain’s Log!!

Others were rolling but what were they gaining? Shady like Tom Brady!! now caught out there in the system / matrix, the smoke and fog..

Broken beats and English by O-Dog and O-Zone will set the tone when this Captain’s Log is updated…

Broken hearts reflect the pain and anguish in this zone!! society set the tone, as some are hated..


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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