Blue Collar / Hard Work Is Put In PT .2

Social Engineering  was used; the media was casting us as clowns!!  but now we roll up on them…

Bringing a Small Army; equipped with beats and rhymes as blue collar /  hard work is put in!!   not in the HARP mortgage program but I’m *All Up In The House*  We’ve Got this  jazz, funk and hip-hop soul for them…

Maybe it got too cold for them; HAARP weather control? the Ice Age is in full effect; the Cold War is back…

Too young?  per AARP too old for them? It’s not a country for old men? Whose Checking For Them?  the system will try to hold them back…

Observing The Scene; Ready To Roll; we’re on our way; gathering speed..

Funk Seminars are conducted as we confront the corrupted; what’s up with it? We’ve Got What You Need..

True indeed!!  we’re just passing through, we can’t stay in this spot like Boko Haram trying to disrupt the election of Goodluck Jonathan!! what’s up man?   Reason Gave Way Too Madness…

Unleashed the Sonic Assault!!  blasting our way through!! blue collar / hard work is put in!!  that’s how these brothas are Dealing With The Madness..

Back with this!  in a spot where there’s *No Justice, No Peace*  but maybe sometimes?

Back With This!!  *Proceed and Continue*  But I’m Just Passing Through; staying strong in these dangerous times…

Staying strong dealing with dangerous minds; they’ll try to crash the plane like the co-pilot on Germanwings Flight 9525..

Not staying long, we’ve got work to do like The Isleys!! blue collar / hard work is put in, we didn’t shuck and jive..


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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