MF DOOM Mix – by Jazz Spastiks

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Throwback Thursday business!

Thankful Thursday vibes also recognized, it’s a blessing to be here; y’all should know what the deal is!

Y’all should know what the real is, I see some of y’all out here with me on these Local / National / International / Intergalactic frontiers!

Some of y’all should feel this, but locals say we’re acting irrational due to dropping these breakbeat scientific principles throughout the years. 

O-Zone? your dude steers the mothership to the remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta so I can drop this MF DOOM Mix – by Jazz Spastiks

It’s courtesy of the Magical Mystery Mix, check the playlist and the mix!! excuse us as we spaz to this!!

John Robinson – Sorcerers Ft. Invizible Handz,

MF Doom MF Doom – Operation Greenbacks Ft. Megalon

MF Doom – Potholderz Ft. Countbass D

Madvillain – Meat Grinder

Monsta Island Czars – MIC Line

MF Doom – Benzoin Gum

Madvillain – Bistro

MF Doom – Gas Drawls

KMD – Black Bastards!

MF Doom – Hoe Cakes

MF Doom – One Beer

MF Doom – The Time We Faced Doom (Skit)

King Geedorah – Next Levels

MF Doom – Chrysanthemum Flowers

MF Doom – Vomitspit

Viktor Vaughn – R.A.P. G.A.M.E.

Count Bass D – Quite Buttery Ft. MF Doom

MF Doom – Spikenard

MF Doom – Go With The Flow

Monsta Island Czars – Escape From Monsta Island

MF Doom – ? Ft. Kurious

King Geedorah – Anti-Matter Ft. Mr. fanktastik

MF Doom – Still Dope

MF Doom – Rapp Snitch Knishes

MF Doom – Doomsday

KMD – Fuck Wit Ya Head

Madvillain – America’s Most Blunted

MF Doom – Deep Fried Frenz

Monsta Island Czars – 1,2… 1,2

KMD – Plumskinzz

KMD – Smokin’ That Shit

MF Doom – White Willow Bark

Madvillain – Raid

MF Doom – Rhymes Like Dimes Ft. DJ Cucumber Slice

KMD – Contact Blitt

MF Doom – Devil’s Shoe String

KMD – Sweet Premium Wine

MF Doom – Ruler of Day and Night ft. Rodan

KMD – Peachfuzz


J Dilla Mix – by Jazz Spastiks

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

O-Zone? check the perspective; trying to be a positive dude expecting the terrific outcome, in advance I’m celebrating by letting the music play!

It’s on, but check the perspective; life is hectic as I waxed poetic in previous episodes!

It’s on! jokers disrespected! the toil and strife they contributed to is what it do! they’re rolling in devious modes!

We’re connected to higher powers though, overcoming! getting over coming through breakbeat scientific using previous codes emphasized by this J Dilla Mix by Jazz Spastiks courtesy of Magical Mystery Mix

O-Dog Day Partying / funky drumming with a purpose! check the playlist and the mix as my peeps spaz with this as we get breakbeat scientific!

00:00 J Dilla – Alien Family Instrumental

01:02 Slum Village – 2U 4U

02:48 Interlude

04:21 Phat Kat – Dedication to the Suckers

06:35 Interlude

08:02 Slum Village ft. Jazzy Jeff – I Don’t Know

10:16 Interlude

10:30 Slum Village – Untitled/Fantastic

13:07 Slum Village – Fall in Love

15:46 A Tribe Called Quest – Mardi Gras At Midnight

19:56 Keith Murray – The Rhyme (Remix)

22:20 Slum Village – Fantastic

23:45 Que.D ft. Jay Dee – Supa Shit

26:04 Interlude

27:31 Busta Rhymes – Still Shining

30:01 De La Soul – Stakes is High (J Dilla Remix)

34:06 A Tribe Called Quest – Find a Way

36:32 A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again

39:30 A Tribe Called Quest – Keeping it Moving

41:12 Interlude

44:00 Slum Village – Conant Gardens

46:30 Interlude 48:12 The Pharcyde – Runnin’

50:52 The Roots – Dynamite!

53:16 A Tribe Called Quest – Busta’s Lament

55:44 Q-Tip – Hey

58:04 Masta Ace Incorporated – Sitting On Chrome (Ummah Remix)

1:00:07 Interlude

1:01:03 Black Star – Little Brother

1:04:48 1st Down – No Place to Go

1:07:18 Four Tet ft. Guilty Simpson – As Serious As Your Life (Jay Dee Remix)

1:10:18 Proof – Searchin’…

Underground Hip Hop – 10 Indie Tracks

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; our motto? Let The Music Play!!

Just left the garage where I’ve got old vinyl and cassettes stored, like Anthony Davis getting 50 points are scored when we play..

Bon voyage for those hating, we weren’t relating they were misbehaving like the GOP at Trump impeachment hearings…

Mystic Voyages are taken away from those faking; what they’re saying? we’re not hearing!!

Steering this mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor now we’re chilling in the lab listening to these Underground Hip Hop – 10 Indie Tracks

They’re courtesy of Nicola Armellin check the playlist and the mix, this is special edition!! this hip hop is usually posted at Random Thoughts From A Brotha but today we’re on some “other other”; facts!!

Mobb Deep – Rare Species (59th Street Bridge Remix)

Jazz Spastiks & Apani B Fly – Move

Govna Matic, Redman, Pacewon, Runt Dog, Tame One & Young Zee – Family Day

Grand Puba – A Little Of This (95flava Remix)

Amo Lab aka Rollarocka & Precise – Heatwaves

96 Death Camp – Sleep All Day (Creators Remix)

World & San – Shine

A.L. – It Ain’t Life

Da Circle – Part Time Enemy

90 Proof – Boutique Freaks

Monday Motivation Mix [Jazzhop / Hip Hop / Chillhop]

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday!! oh yes!! another week has come..

We’re blessed to see it, due to circumstances some are stressed by it!! maybe we can provide relief with the drum….

Oh Yes!! Monday Motivation is needed, out here where progress is impeded!! the devil and his advocates will oppose ya…

Oh Yes!! Monday Motivation is needed!! no need to get drunk or weeded!! let the music take your mind, so you won’t lose your composure..

The Monday Motivation Mix [Jazzhop / Hip Hop / Chillhop]  courtesy of   Rosemary Flores plays in the background, this is how we’ll put it down..

Check out the playlist and the mix!! Monday Motivation provided so you can stay fly, be easy and calm down!!
01 00:00 Nicholas Cheung – Mandarin
02 03:40 Revolutionary Rhythm – Rock The Beat
03 06:38 Jazz Spastiks – Move (Remix) [Instrumental]
04 09:44 Joakim Karud – Canals
05 12:12 Nujabes – Flowers
06 16:06 Birocratic – Garoto
07 19:10 Esbe – Wanderlust
08 22:40 Linoskiii – Drownin’ (Ft. Gonzalo Genek)
09 25:36 Nicholas Cheung – DAT JAZZ
10 29:16 QSTN – I Know
11 31:44 Soulwanderer – Klauw
12 33:42 Joakim Karud – Dreams
13 36:44 Blue Wednesday – Dilate
14 39:58 Jazz Spastiks – Jazz Party
15 42:12 Evan Awake – Open Up (Ft. NAK & Glenn Lumanta)
16 46:50 Pabzzz – With You
17 50:34 Saib. – Space Cowboy
18 53:04 Uyama Hiroto – 81 Summer
19 57:02 Sugi.Wa – Morning Jazz
20 58:30 Last BeNeVoLeNcE – A B-Boy’s Tale (Ft. Kharisma)
21 01:01:32 Yung Aloha – Today
22 01:03:58 xPanda – Where To