The Mid Week Session Vol… 21 (Part Two)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this so called Thankful Thursday; showing gratitude is how we’ll play…

Throwback Thursday business is also handled! I thought I told y’all earlier, that’s the kind of work I do, dropping this good word and letting the music play!!

O-Zone?  still exercising an abundance of caution out here? the wilderness? some of my constituents are lost in and it’ll cost them but we keep believing in the positive outcome..

Exercising diplomatic immunity when we run this! Doctor O is in the house, rebuking the ongoing madness claiming the positive outcome now celebrating by pulling out the drum..

Exercising Power, you’ll feel me as we rock the house!! these Grace Jones rhythm slaves are dipping through listening to The Mid Week Session Vol… 21 (Part Two)

It’s courtesy of DJ Steve Adams!! check out the playlist and the mix though some will say this Louisville dude misbehaves when he’s coming through!!


1. Jay De Lys – Heartbreaker

2. Ben Hemsley – Through 2 You

3. Marlon Sadler – Feel Your Soul

4. Lowez – Can’t Get Enough

5. Sweetpower – Phenomenon

6. Piero Pirupa & Samuele Scelfo – Playin’ Around

7. Midknight Thieves – Its Not Over

8. Martin Ikin & Joshwa – Take Me

9. Luigi Rocca & Manuel De La Mare – Here I Am Once Again

10. Jay de Lys & Jamie Roy – Something

11. Atlantic Ocean vs CASSIMM – Waterfall

12. Mr. Vegas & Will Taylor (UK) – Dynamo (Will Taylor Club Mix)

13. James Hurr, Leftwing : Kody, I Jah – Music Is The Medication

14. Vlada Asanin & Yas Cepeda – Deeper Love (Vlada Asanin 2020 Refresh)

15. Eden Prince – Take It To The Rhythm

16. The Cube Guys – I Love It (Chiccaleaf (ITA) Remix 2023)

17. James Brown – Super Bad (MoreCause Re-Edit)

18. Jamie Jones & Darius Syrossian – Rushing

19. The Cube Guys – Plastic Dreams (Cubed Remix 2020)

20. Tenacious – Out Of The Blue (2022 Mix)

21. ESSEL – Lennon


Sat Night Sessions Vol. 21

Digital Crate Digging Continues as a Saturday afternoon transitions into Saturday evening!

The science dropped is appropriate for any time period, can you dig it? somebody will see what I’m saying.. we come through with no delaying; O-Dog Day Partying and soon Saturday Night Fevering we keep achieving in the midst of the ongoing chaos and confusion!

It’s going down in a danger zone, we’re in the heart of this thing! check out these methods to the madness we’re using!

This good word and the sound is what we’re using coming through listening to this Sat Night Sessions Vol. 21 courtesy of DJ Steve Adams!!

Check out the playlist and the mix, y’all know I’ll say it; once again it’s on! you can’t tell us we aren’t jamming!!

Check this out at Sat Night Sessions Vol. 21


Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out as we set this HumpDay Extravaganza off, going off…

…on another tangent damn it! knowing if we do or don’t somebody will damn it! naysayers are going off..

…doing what they do as we continue to do what we do; these players are dropping this sound..

…along with this good word, you heard? this is how we get down!

As we get down with this HOUSE MUSIC mix courtesy of DJ Jose Guillen

Check out the playlist and the mix as we set this O-Dog Day Party off early! this is what’s up / what’s happening!

Track List:

00:00 Jack Back x Guz x Ferreck Dawn – I’ve Been Missing You (Extended Mix)

06:01 Bohemien feat. Amaria Simone – Take Me Back (Extended Mix)

11:17 Tommy Trash & Yolanda Be Cool – Emergency (Disaia Remix)

15:49 Maurizio Basilotta – I Lift You Up (Original Mix)

20:35 Just Got (Original Mix)

25:09 Dance Now!

28:49 Dake K – Sunshine

35:21 James Silk – Light On Me

40:45 Miqro – Song For Alice (Extended Mix)

45:51 Risk Assessment Feat. KE – Feel That (Main Mix)

50:59 Moon Rocket, Kelli Sae – Take You Back (Angelo Ferreri Remix)

55:24 Michael Gray x James Hurr feat. RoRoe – Jump In (Extended Mix).mp3