The Cinematic Orchestra – Flite

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! check us out, we’re still broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta…

….could do the chronicles, responding to these / those since I was out on I-20 earlier, I had work to do, understand a brotha?

…but now I choose to still shelter in place; that Covid – 19 is still on the scene even though Trump is taking victory laps..

I told some to lose me with their helter – skelter ways, I see how they’re playing!  beats bump, asking them So Whatcha Sayin? like some EPMD raps!!

I told some to seek shelter as reality pimp slaps us, like The Cinematic Orchestra they’ll need to take  Flite

What more can I tell ya? it’s not a simple thing!! breakbeat scientific principles are orchestrated when we drop these Afternoon Jazz  sounds and this insight!!


Cinematic Orchestra Feat. Tony Allen – Brotherhood

Sunday Jazz Continues on a Sunday evening; it’s going down like this because we kept believing!!

The saga / struggle continues, still achieving in the midst of chaos and confusion created by those deceiving..

The saga / struggle continues, still achieving in the midst of chaos and confusion!! using this sound as the vehicle..

Of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank the Lord for being able to do this!! blessed!! acting like we knew!!

So what it do? we’re on board the mothership listening to this future jazz / afrobeat from the Cinematic Orchestra Feat. Tony Allen with a track called Brotherhood..

So what it do?  on one accord with the universe when we drop the beat and this verse!! letting my constituents know what’s good!!