The Best Dance – Intelligent Deep Breaks

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday…

…so named because things can play out either way; we’ll celebrate the terrific outcome in advance  by pulling out the drum to let the music play..

The system gamed on us, didn’t want us to receive the bonus!!  they thought a $1,200 stimulus payment would suffice..

…in the midst of this coronavirus the deceit doesn’t surprise us; “this ain’t nothing nice”

…in the midst of this coronavirus the arch nemesis was on the premises, alarms  ring / theft attempted lights blinked in the Buick Lucerne at 3 :00 am this morning…

Not surprised by this low tech criminals are trying to “get it how they can”; lessons learned? soon claiming the system is “buking and scorning”

As this Tuesday morning shifts into the afternoon, we’re O-Dog Day Partying with a tune or two..

Listening to The Best Dance – Intelligent Deep Breaks from Irma Records; they’re jamming let the record reflect this!! check the playlist and the mix to see what it do!!

1 Braise -Blowman 00:00:00

2 In The Dark – Ilija Rudman 00:09:28

3 Xtra Electric Beat – Duran y Garcia 00:13:51

4 Say Something – DJ Moses 00:19:18

5 Nake – Never Say Never 00:24:55

6 Aqua (Trombone Version) – Don Carlos 00:35:39

7 Tender Groove – Gorgeous 00:41:08

8 Glow (self Remix) – J’s Bee 00:44:49

9 Summer Love – Belladonna 00:53:16

10 1987 – From P60 00:59:18

11 Feel Like That Before – Quiroga 01:02:53

12 Tribute (Swingsett & J. Warrin Remix) – Cybophonia 01:09:05

13 Ombre – Belladonna, Jasev 01:14:31

14 Space Age Mama Jama (Fromwood Remix) – Amana MelomË 01:18:30

15 Time To Reunite – Zeb 01:25:05

16 Night Out With You – Sam Ruffillo 01:30:46

17 Learn to Fly – Alex Vanni 01:38:27

18 Dopesnotfunkae (Cuica Remix) – Tantan 01:47:18

19 All I Want – Rasna 01:52:33

20 Channel 3 (Klod Rights Remix) – DN3, Cesare Dell’Anna, Guido Nemola and Mauro Tre 02:00:47


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