Ohm Guru – Hotel Capri (Cybophonia Circumvesuviana Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues err wait a minute! well, y’all can see what kind of mood I’m in with this Saturday Night Fever edition!

The saga / struggle continues but we’re coming through with some jazz on these menus, at the moment this is how we’re living!

Reality? unforgiving but we keep living per the advice from the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville!

Govern ourselves accordingly was also his advice on these local / national / international and intergalactic frontiers where “it ain’t nothing nice” but something tells me y’all should know the deal! 

We’re in our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta trying to chill, listening to some jazz / broken beat from Ohm Guru with a track called  Hotel Capri.

This is the Cybophonia Circumvesuviana Remix, check it out so you can see what the deal will be! 

Check this out at Ohm Guru – Hotel Capri (Cybophonia Circumvesuviana Remix)

The Best Dance – Intelligent Deep Breaks

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday…

…so named because things can play out either way; we’ll celebrate the terrific outcome in advance  by pulling out the drum to let the music play..

The system gamed on us, didn’t want us to receive the bonus!!  they thought a $1,200 stimulus payment would suffice..

…in the midst of this coronavirus the deceit doesn’t surprise us; “this ain’t nothing nice”

…in the midst of this coronavirus the arch nemesis was on the premises, alarms  ring / theft attempted lights blinked in the Buick Lucerne at 3 :00 am this morning…

Not surprised by this low tech criminals are trying to “get it how they can”; lessons learned? soon claiming the system is “buking and scorning”

As this Tuesday morning shifts into the afternoon, we’re O-Dog Day Partying with a tune or two..

Listening to The Best Dance – Intelligent Deep Breaks from Irma Records; they’re jamming let the record reflect this!! check the playlist and the mix to see what it do!!

1 Braise -Blowman 00:00:00

2 In The Dark – Ilija Rudman 00:09:28

3 Xtra Electric Beat – Duran y Garcia 00:13:51

4 Say Something – DJ Moses 00:19:18

5 Nake – Never Say Never 00:24:55

6 Aqua (Trombone Version) – Don Carlos 00:35:39

7 Tender Groove – Gorgeous 00:41:08

8 Glow (self Remix) – J’s Bee 00:44:49

9 Summer Love – Belladonna 00:53:16

10 1987 – From P60 00:59:18

11 Feel Like That Before – Quiroga 01:02:53

12 Tribute (Swingsett & J. Warrin Remix) – Cybophonia 01:09:05

13 Ombre – Belladonna, Jasev 01:14:31

14 Space Age Mama Jama (Fromwood Remix) – Amana MelomË 01:18:30

15 Time To Reunite – Zeb 01:25:05

16 Night Out With You – Sam Ruffillo 01:30:46

17 Learn to Fly – Alex Vanni 01:38:27

18 Dopesnotfunkae (Cuica Remix) – Tantan 01:47:18

19 All I Want – Rasna 01:52:33

20 Channel 3 (Klod Rights Remix) – DN3, Cesare Dell’Anna, Guido Nemola and Mauro Tre 02:00:47