Excuse Me / I Beg Your Pardon PT.3

Do your thing kid!! excuse me / I beg your pardon!!  pay me no mind, I’m just  messing with you!!

Just doing what I do,  excuse me / I beg your pardon!! I’m dropping this breakbeat science:  it might be a blessing to you.

God is blessing you!! but what it do?  somebody have the story twisted? they  mentioned Gods Of Egypt bring Miracles From Heaven.

But excuse me / I beg your pardon!!  pay me no mind!!  I saw Gods Of Egypt and Miracles From Heaven  on the theater sign: a reading the teleprompter?  in another theater the paraplegic still sold weed and heroin.

…Out of project windows up in Louisville in Southwick / Cotter Homes!!  no need to change names to protect the innocent, that brotha has gone home.

It wasn’t elementary per Watson and Sherlock Holmes!! dude asked me what’s up Holmes? I told him about these scattered thoughts that roamed my dome…

Jokers told me nobody was home or if they were they missed something: please!! this dude was peeping game because I knew there would *always be something*

Brokers think your freedom is arbitrary: please!! make the wrong move and you’ll get caught out there like Salah Abdeslam

…who helped with the Paris attacks: meanwhile O-Dog will try to get his groove on with the funky tracks so excuse me / I beg your pardon!!

Who’s fair with this or that? I’m not a Donald Trump fan but I’m outraged by GOP schemes and plans to take him down…

Who’s fair with this or that? beats will thump as we Exercise Power rebuking plots / schemes and plans to stop this breakbeat scientific mission..

So what’s up? as the last hour approaches we’ll keep doing what we do: excuse me / I beg your pardon!!



Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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