Da One Away and Bembe Segue – The Mind

Digital Crate Digging Continues on as a Saturday afternoon transitions into a Saturday evening!

Fourth of July celebrations are underway plus we’re rocking this O-Dog Day Party, oh yes we keep achieving!

We keep believing even in the midst of the madness, peeping game realizing that it’s all game plus they keep changing the rules!

Check these states with their voter suppression laws, democracy has flaws plus the divide and conquer strategy is utilized changing fools!

Trump has the GOP split plus progressive vs establishment Democrats clash on the other side!

The coalition that defeated Trump has split up as some go back to default settings but that’s how this Brotha will ride..

..based on Louisville / Newburg default settings, I emerge here in the ATL getting breakbeat scientific!

Coming through listening to this broken beat / future jazz from Da One Away and Bembe Segue with a track called The Mind ; Da One Away? Dennis (Dego) McFarlaneIan Grant , and  Kaidi Tatham to be specific!

Excuse Me / I Beg Your Pardon PT.3

Do your thing kid!! excuse me / I beg your pardon!!  pay me no mind, I’m just  messing with you!!

Just doing what I do,  excuse me / I beg your pardon!! I’m dropping this breakbeat science:  it might be a blessing to you.

God is blessing you!! but what it do?  somebody have the story twisted? they  mentioned Gods Of Egypt bring Miracles From Heaven.

But excuse me / I beg your pardon!!  pay me no mind!!  I saw Gods Of Egypt and Miracles From Heaven  on the theater sign: a reading the teleprompter?  in another theater the paraplegic still sold weed and heroin.

…Out of project windows up in Louisville in Southwick / Cotter Homes!!  no need to change names to protect the innocent, that brotha has gone home.

It wasn’t elementary per Watson and Sherlock Holmes!! dude asked me what’s up Holmes? I told him about these scattered thoughts that roamed my dome…

Jokers told me nobody was home or if they were they missed something: please!! this dude was peeping game because I knew there would *always be something*

Brokers think your freedom is arbitrary: please!! make the wrong move and you’ll get caught out there like Salah Abdeslam

…who helped with the Paris attacks: meanwhile O-Dog will try to get his groove on with the funky tracks so excuse me / I beg your pardon!!

Who’s fair with this or that? I’m not a Donald Trump fan but I’m outraged by GOP schemes and plans to take him down…

Who’s fair with this or that? beats will thump as we Exercise Power rebuking plots / schemes and plans to stop this breakbeat scientific mission..

So what’s up? as the last hour approaches we’ll keep doing what we do: excuse me / I beg your pardon!!