Blue Collar : Hard Word Is Put In PT.4

Built in the image of the Creator;  so I govern myself accordingly.

Building; blue collar / mechanical engineering is going down!! ignoring a hater trying to tell me where the border is.

Building: the four track recorder will be banging!!  rebuking attacks like Doctors Without Borders out in Kunduz in Afghanistan so what’s up man? this is the rebuttal.

Similar to the Large Hadron Collider with the Big Bang Theory?  what will a brotha do?

Intergalactic Freedom Rider just trying to get back home!!  Rupert Murdoch types were looking for a real black president per Ben Carson?

We rebuke the chokehold / strangling by the establishment trying to crush this embellishment / what a brotha’s trying to do; it’s like Tulsa Oklahoma / Black Wall Street / arson..

After reaching the threshold? hard work is put in, blue collar style!! we’re hitting back with with the Sonic Assault!! scuffling like Matt Barnes vs Derek Fisher!!

Response to the hell that’s caught!!  so what’s up? on a Higher Power we had to call!! not trusting to luck per Mrs Peters my fourth grade teacher, I wasn’t a hoper or wisher!!

Response to the hell that’s caught!! no altered Swishers and cold tall boys!! I was too busy putting work in…

Blue collar!! old school like the dark blue uniform with my name on the front plus rocking steel toe shoes!! the mess? I step in…

The Lord is blessing me, actually all of us even though we don’t deserve it, theses devil’s advocates we swerve with!!

Chairmen of the board were stressing me and you; shady like Volkswagen executives but the decisions made by this blue collar worker are executive….


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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