Updating The Captains Log PT.7

Once again it’s on!! damn!! I realized I hadn’t updated the Captain’s Log in a minute or two…

Once again it’s on!! intergalactic with it, this is no hood update!! that’s how a dimwit would do!!

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been hood, like I was in Decatur off of Glenwood with the rest of the hustlers…

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been hood, but I play both sides of the Equator and beyond!! the Tropic of Cancer and The Tropic of Capricorn!!  staying a step ahead of Hunger Game Peacekeepers, that try to creep up on us but we’re showing them what mental muscle was..

..or is; Deliberate Falsehoods in all areas!! planets in Cancer and my Moon in Capricorn with a Sun In Scorpio means I’m not the norm!!

Who’s acting false in these hoods per Donald Trump and Ben Carson? what are they starting? at my satellite station I mnetioned ring the alarm!!

What are they starting? sideways glances revealed the stereotypical because I was operating in Kangols, glasses, polo shirts, khakis and baggie jeans.

Circumstances were debatable; being built or torn down? mainstream stereos were pitiful, so jazz and hip hop soul is the basis!! but I was rolling solo, others didn’t know I had funk in my genes.

…In my chromosones;  it was part of my genetic makeup and my hood conditioning.

All up in these danger zones?  I stay praying!! the Lord I’m petitioning.

Based on danger zone expeditions I update this Captain’s Log, letting my constituents know what’s up!!

Monday motivation is needed out here in the fog!! enhanced by smoke and mirrors!! some lost hope, the use of opiates and barbiturates is up!!

We Thought We Were Doing Something

It’s going down:  O-Zone wrote this good word and O-Dog dropped the funky instrumental!! now, after it’s over with we wonder about the prognosis.

The information is analyzed;  now like sodas and junk food not detrimental to your diet these doctors aren’t worried about the doses.

Otherwise? per Ben Carson type embellishments the wise and otherwise said the information overload is out of control!!  reams of printouts with the data circled in red is the by product.

The public transportation / transformation has the El Chapo Guzman overlord type laying in the cut!! dreams / nightmares become reality, now the corrupt even question my conduct.

So what’s up man?  we thought we were doing something,  but we just made a hot mess.

You probably can call these hot mess chronicles, but  we’re trying to stop the stress.

Let the healing process begin!!  the aftermath? maybe the response to these and those will be from another perspective.

…But dealing with the madness from the Palestine to the University of Missouri /  aka #Mizzou!! people are still disrespected.

We thought we were doing something, but I guess it just wasn’t enough.

We need to step our game up!!  per Roger and Zapp we need to be so ruff so tuff

McGruff  The Crime Dog disciples shorten cycles!! zap goes the taser from Hunger Game Peacekeepers..

It’s rough out here!! the sport is getting ugly, but actually its always been this way!! we thought we were doing something, but we let the devil and his advocates creep up on us!!

The Adversity Anniversary

Like Jerry Rice rocking the Dallas Cowboys jersey in the McDonald commercial,  it was blasphemy.

*It ain’t nothing nice* /  foul is how these boys play,  plus reality has another class for me.

*It ain’t nothing nice* class is in session!!  this is Adversity University!! the test is multiple choice, instructors told you to fill in the scan sheet..

Sacrificing; I keep it moving per this Adversity Anniversary,: a year ago I was all up in the spot, on the frontlines of spiritual warfare!!  God is blessing the multitudes while others tried to corrupt us, they told us we’ll understand the heat…

Damn!! we’re still on the frontlines of spiritual warfare where it’s hot as hell!!  these constituents have a story to tell per this word on the curb / word on the street /  or word in the wind!!   choose your poison…

It’s like over in Egypt dodging missiles in the spot where the Russian jet exploded? brains fried when the information was overloaded, a situation you’ll lose your poise in…

Like the Egyptian Lover we bring the noise, as the beat goes on:  devoted to this breakbeat science, the transformation wasn’t coded by medical assistants…

These Egyptian heiroglyphics won’t be understood by many!! some make a mockery but don’t know half the story, because it’s street coded; Navajo Code talkers were asked for their assistance..

This is similar to the Hiero Imporium with Traditional Slick Talk per  Encore, Opio and  A Plus repping that Bay Area, this is whats up with us!!

Scandalized like Greg Hardy or haters use the traditional slick talk to defame characters per Ben Carson embellishments as reality is showing us there’s no peace or justice..

Pardon me!! no justice no peace is the catch phrase / cliche, we know it’s not that kind of party!! like the Keystone XL Pipeline embellishments will be crushed….

Who’s starting with me?  please!! it’s not that kind of party!! O-Zone? I’m going for mine!! meanwhile O-Dog cold crushed..



Blue Collar : Hard Word Is Put In PT.4

Built in the image of the Creator;  so I govern myself accordingly.

Building; blue collar / mechanical engineering is going down!! ignoring a hater trying to tell me where the border is.

Building: the four track recorder will be banging!!  rebuking attacks like Doctors Without Borders out in Kunduz in Afghanistan so what’s up man? this is the rebuttal.

Similar to the Large Hadron Collider with the Big Bang Theory?  what will a brotha do?

Intergalactic Freedom Rider just trying to get back home!!  Rupert Murdoch types were looking for a real black president per Ben Carson?

We rebuke the chokehold / strangling by the establishment trying to crush this embellishment / what a brotha’s trying to do; it’s like Tulsa Oklahoma / Black Wall Street / arson..

After reaching the threshold? hard work is put in, blue collar style!! we’re hitting back with with the Sonic Assault!! scuffling like Matt Barnes vs Derek Fisher!!

Response to the hell that’s caught!!  so what’s up? on a Higher Power we had to call!! not trusting to luck per Mrs Peters my fourth grade teacher, I wasn’t a hoper or wisher!!

Response to the hell that’s caught!! no altered Swishers and cold tall boys!! I was too busy putting work in…

Blue collar!! old school like the dark blue uniform with my name on the front plus rocking steel toe shoes!! the mess? I step in…

The Lord is blessing me, actually all of us even though we don’t deserve it, theses devil’s advocates we swerve with!!

Chairmen of the board were stressing me and you; shady like Volkswagen executives but the decisions made by this blue collar worker are executive….