Satellite Station Transmissions PT.2 (Entering Attack Zones)

Check out these satellite station transmissions; it’s based on being *outside the box*

Jokers *ain’t right* due to Boris Nemtsov type of transgressions; Putin hustle knocks?

Insight dropped? oh yeah!! we’re not disputing the truth!! O-Dog rocks!! slipping transmissions in the Cutlass Supreme made me slow my roll…

….Now he hip hopped; rolling up on attack zones with a small army armed with snares, 808’s, samples and the good word; dropping, hip hop, jazz, funk and soul!!

The madness never stopped!! Please!! the danger is everywhere!! from Syria to Nigeria!! Kim Jong Un is even talking junk in North Korea!!

From here in the A-Town; to NYC; Chi-Town to  L.A; what can they say? they’ll bear witness for ya..

Ways of the world will corrupt ya per Earth Wind and Fire; it’s not just Empire on Fox and Scandal on ABC where  things are scandalous..

In the midst of the chaos and confusion?  they’ve got us *Outside The Box;* but we handle our business…

Now we’re entering attack zones; Rollin Up On Those That *Haven’t Stopped Hating*  they’ll break north; on an Exodus…

But not like the Gods and Kings!! they’re rolling like Republicans and Democrats  debating Homeland Security!! it makes you wonder; what’s up with this?

Mentioned earlier *No Justice No Peace* so I had to raise up!! intergalactic!! like Mars travels I was looking for *One Way Tickets*

Out There; *Outside The Box*  but now I changed my mind;  The Mothership Has Landed!!   we’re rolling up on them!! check out how we kick this…




Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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