Grey Area Scenarios

So whats really going on?  its like the GOP Benghazi fiasco…I’m just checking out the grey area


Please!!  in this danger zone?  I knew how it would go!!  these jokers weren’t going to be fair with these or those!


Not a stranger to this!!  like the IRS vs the Tea Party…I knew the devil would oppose!!  that’s how he operates!


Not a stranger to this!!  circumstances were dealt with;  what was built it?  it obligates!


Circumstances were debatable; being built or torn down? that was the question!


Circumstances show us what  the hate will do;  the Elaborate Fantasy that was built comes tumbling down!!  theres even ammonia leaks at the International Space Station…now  some are second guessing!


Circumstances show us God is blessing us;  but  whatcha knowing? fantasy leaks into reality..sometimes were caught up in grey area scenarios!


Its odd!!  some things are stressing us!!  magnified by the smoke and mirrors!!  affecting even fly


Its odd!!  some situations are rectified…steelos  / swags exposed after Jumping and Recognzing!


Playing above the rim like Michael Jordan   ….even rocking some Air Jordans …but portions?  the system is downsizing!


Drama royalty wear crowns as they rise to the top; they said there’s no half stepping like Big Daddy Kane ….Dougie Fresh or Heatwave’s original


Drama royalty like Jodi Arias…check the drama, no loyalty shown; various ways and means used when everybody was out there  swerving!


Recognized the pattern when I was out there in the grey area scenario;  observing the scene!


Now I’m ready to roll….I’m on my way… holding it down!!  you know what I mean?




Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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