Clearance Rack Epiphanies / The Holiday Sale / Letting It Out

As we proceed and continue…Memorial Day Holiday as I type this…time for these clearance rack epiphanies…check how were letting it go / were letting it out!

True indeed… the Benghazi and IRS scandals …Public Enemy told us..don’t believe what the hype is..but a bruh felt the pressure;  I was sweating it out!

True indeed…..this brotha is the type of entity to get bold with this…but not the type   that’s out there flipping out  like Michael Adebolajo over in Woolwich attacking soldiers ..but a bruh felt the pressure;  I was sweating it out!

True indeed…a brotha who knew the deally?…retro-futuristic?…please!! I’m new or next school like Morpheus in the Matrix plus an old school player like Orlando Woolridge..out there in the game…sweating it out..

Check these clearance rack epiphanies…were letting them out..but this is how we do..that’s business as usual in Babylon;  whatcha on?  soon you’ll be jumping and recognizing!

Danger zone business had us urging  /merging   but with this breakbeat scientific business? were not purging;  downsizing!

O-Zone drops this good word / O-Dizzle has the funky sound!!   surprising those who thought nothing was going on!

Raw data is processed…breakbeat scientific business is handled!! so whats really going on?

As we holla atcha with these random thoughts aka clearance rack epiphanies!

…based on being selected at random;  caught up in the system / matrix ….trying to deal with these!

….and those;  the devil will oppose!!  but we knew how he would act!

Thats why were letting it go;  if its meant for us?  it’ll come back!


This Is Not Transylvania

Dipping out I-20 in Atlanta…the Chronicles will tell ya..chilling out down here in the ATL; please!! it’s gotta be good!! but  this is not Transylvania!

Dealing with it!! who will understand a bruh…trying to tell ya!!  out here?  energy vampires stay busy!!  its not all good…but they’re partying like Cinco De Mayo!

Dealing with it;  but I was out of sync bro!!  but I kept shooting like OJ Mayo or Russell Westbrooks!

Staying a step ahead of Dracula’s relatives!!  time is relative?  the system  /  matrix will arrest crooks!

Actually…they’ll harass ya to clear the books like Dekalb County Georgia officers pulling over old ladies on the way to church… the system /matrix is ran by crooks…just like the architect!

Dealing with those that fake it; like McConnell and Republicans...ego and power tripping!!  please!!  these crooks show no respect!

Check it out;  as extension cords are hooked up so power can be drained!

USB cords download information / files stored;  AP reporters phones tapped..knowledge is gained!

Please!!  of course this can get messy!!! whose overloaded with information?   some maintained / some stressed!

Please!!  of course jokers stressed me!!  but like the license plate on the front of the old Caddie Fleetwood Brougham over on Candler Rd. in Decatur…I was too blessed to be stressed!

Please !! of course a snitch or hater confessed to authorities…something about whistle blowing…now methods were Draconian!

They’ll hit a switch;  drain all your energy..word from Dracula!!  its on again!

Its like the train just left the station;  the next stop is Transylvania!

Just trying to maintain.… I transcend and transform;  but a hater has more pain for ya!


Grey Area Scenarios PT.2 / Smoke and Mirrors In Full Effect

Yellow caution tape is up around the construction site where the elaborate fantasy is built!

Like the so called IRS Tea Party Scandal?  more than some can handle? awesome was the response from tourists!!  corruption excites them!!  on this trip they feel good / guilt!

What about dark money political groups like Karl Rove and Crossroads GPS?….flaws some accent!!  thought and fashion police interrupt the flow;  they felt the process was cumbersome!

But life is hectic!!  how did some move? how did they  roll?  check the karma…now they’ll get whats coming to them!

O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them;  he’s in breakbeat scientist mode!

O-Zone is running the numbers on the calculator…doing the math..peeping game;  the grey area scenarios?  its like interpreting the DaVinci Code!

Angels and Demons were creeping in the game!!  spotted the Clash of the Titans!

Semen is implanted in the daughter of chaos!! now some will take a loss…what did it cost? I was told to Remember The Titans!

Please!!  this club member enlightens;  smokes and mirrors made me focus!

Neptune in Pisces was blamed for the deception perpetrated by the bogus!

Check the crisis;  two sides to the game like Gemini?  the native even told me no sir!

Check the crisis per grey area scenarios;  way way out there where the lines blur!

Grey Area Scenarios

So whats really going on?  its like the GOP Benghazi fiasco…I’m just checking out the grey area


Please!!  in this danger zone?  I knew how it would go!!  these jokers weren’t going to be fair with these or those!


Not a stranger to this!!  like the IRS vs the Tea Party…I knew the devil would oppose!!  that’s how he operates!


Not a stranger to this!!  circumstances were dealt with;  what was built it?  it obligates!


Circumstances were debatable; being built or torn down? that was the question!


Circumstances show us what  the hate will do;  the Elaborate Fantasy that was built comes tumbling down!!  theres even ammonia leaks at the International Space Station…now  some are second guessing!


Circumstances show us God is blessing us;  but  whatcha knowing? fantasy leaks into reality..sometimes were caught up in grey area scenarios!


Its odd!!  some things are stressing us!!  magnified by the smoke and mirrors!!  affecting even fly


Its odd!!  some situations are rectified…steelos  / swags exposed after Jumping and Recognzing!


Playing above the rim like Michael Jordan   ….even rocking some Air Jordans …but portions?  the system is downsizing!


Drama royalty wear crowns as they rise to the top; they said there’s no half stepping like Big Daddy Kane ….Dougie Fresh or Heatwave’s original


Drama royalty like Jodi Arias…check the drama, no loyalty shown; various ways and means used when everybody was out there  swerving!


Recognized the pattern when I was out there in the grey area scenario;  observing the scene!


Now I’m ready to roll….I’m on my way… holding it down!!  you know what I mean?