Get It Together PT.2

I’m trying to get my mind right on this Throwback Thursday!!   I’m trying to tell myself to get it together.

Dealing with these ATLiens;  Cee Lo Green types!!  the hustlers are hustling and players are playing!!  I’ve been there and done that due to being hungry and thirsty!! I told them I was praying but  they told me whatever!

I did the knowledge / I’m seeing what it all means; ties?  I had to sever as I move to the next level; but it’s not on that ISIS type of business!! I’m tired of dealing with the next devil!!  I’m just trying to get it right.

What it do? during the ongoing crisis I’m using a fresh view  / fresh vision  based on 20 / 20 hindsight.

Per Rick Perry get your mind right or suffer the consequences!!   light was needed in that spot where some are waiting in the dark.

Insight is gained from debatable circumstances;  were we being built or torn down?  check out how we get down!! O-Dog’s bite is worse than the bark.

Smoke, mirrors, and fog that were dwelling per the NATO Summit in Newport Wales  led to these insights; now a spark was provided.

Plus it’s no joke when horrors and terrors led to the Nicolas Cage Face Off!! that’s  when good and evil collided.

In this day and age?  good and evil coincided; damn!!  I even curse and pray at the same time.

Please!!  I’m just trying to get it together and move to the next level at the same time.

Please!! some say they’re in their prime but is this the best they have to offer?

We need to get it together but it’s easier said than done in this Hurricane Norbert type inclement weather; these storms will go off on ya!!

I Closed The Door

I threw up the peace sign…but they still played me like a criminal!

No justice no peace is the catch phrase!! but like Democrats saying thanks but no thanks to Obama during this election year? … I see some messages are subliminal!

Whats up with us? please! I’m letting it go….life is a marathon..I’m moving on.. in some spots? I might have to close the door!

Cutting my losses…. please!!  Alex Rodriguez can tell you the sport is complex..blowouts one minute…but  now how close is the score?

It’s all game…during crap games and coin tosses?  some jokers were running from the devil per that Ohio Players song!

Strokes of good luck when I kept it step ahead of the next level dramatics; damn !! those Ohio players up  in the Nati  weren’t wrong!

Jokers thought we weren’t strong because we were silent like true gangsters are!

Sonic Assaults are unleashed!!  some will get whats coming to them;  now they want to heal the physical and emotional scar?

But  that’s par for the course…once played by Tiger Woods until he started pimping!

We went far and near!!  East to West Coast…worldwide…intergalactic..but of course its tight in these hoods!!  its not a simple thing!

Others were pimping like Teddy Pendergrass telling the honey to close the door so they can give her what she’s been waiting for!

It’s not a simple thing ! I made a peace treaty with the past… now I close the door and move on;  damn!!  what was I hating for?

The Arch Nemesis Is On The Premises PT.4

Damn!! the arch nemesis is on the premises! now I’m like Thor in a Dark World!

Is it my Call Of Duty  per the Ghost Protocol / Mission Impossible type of drama that will unfurl?

Winds of change whirl around like Typhoon Haiyan out in the Pacific Ocean!

Winds of change whirl around..manipulated by weather makers aka corporate tycoons?  being specific?  they had a notion!

Winds of change whirl around… Billy Ocean playing in the background back in the day  at K-Mart …as I dealt with the cleanup on aisle three!

What is the color of love?  green per Wu Tang Clan with Cream… that’s whats up!!  that’s what the style will be!

The arch nemesis is on the premises! foul will be the antics employed by those jokers!

The empty promise was heard like with Obamacare …but we continue to go there!!  knowing what the inside joke was!

….or is…as we continue to handle business before it handles us!

Knowing how the sport goes / how a joker plays!!  the hooptie has damage from Halloween pranksters…knowing how a vandal does!

Scorpio sun rays bless us!!  that’s Gods work!!  among many of the miracles he performs!

Knowing how the sport goes!!  this son of God plays on!! Doing What I Do!! rebuking the Devils so-called perfect storms!

The arch nemesis is on the premises!! alarms ring and security heightens!

Empty promises were not believed!! as we proceed and continue to clash with these so called Titans….

Its Rough Out Here (The WordPress Version)

What it do?  I keep telling you!!  its rough out here you’ll get fired on like TSA agents at LAX!

What it do?  I keep telling you its rough out here!! this is the WordPress version…at the Sonic Assault we were swerving… jokers are wishing it was simple but things have gotten complex!

But we continue to come with the next..were all up in the spot!!  in the midst of the Deception / Reception….whats the deal with them?  check the Total Chaos!

But we continue to come with the next….using a fresh view / fresh vision…others were still waiting in the dark..misled…lost

The saga / struggle continues!!  please!! like the Pakistani Taliban leader drones will take you out!! your dude is wise to the set up!!  the apparatus wanted us to take a loss!

The saga / struggle continues!!! check the status…intergalactic with it…might even spot me out by the solar eclipse…with the New Moon in Scorpio..whatcha know? I’m bumping heads with aliens..but we refuse to take a loss..

A brotha is down here with ATLiens who front, fake, and floss like it’s all this and that!

Rolling through Decatur…on Glenwood Rd… “those boys” with that  “work”  claim their product is all this and that!

Rolling through Decatur…considered a hater because I was rocking the Louisville Cardinal hat?

No Atlanta Falcons attire or gear!!  please!! they’re having a rough year!!  ATLiens are trying to deal with that!

Meanwhile I’m trying to be real with that and this….a liar is rebuked!! they told me its all gravy baby!

Trying to be real with that and this!!  its rough out here!! were still dealing with jokers Shady Like Grady!

The Arch Nemesis Is On The Premises PT.3

Security is compromised…now the arch nemesis is on the premises!

Curious George types aka Republicans wouldn’t the government is shutdown due to empty promises!

Serious when we come with this!!  like Saturn In Scorpio Interfacing with the Uranus Pluto Square…keeping squares out of my circle!

Knowing how the sport will go;  a veteran in the game peeping game!

Spotted the arch nemesis rolling up from a galaxy away!!  supposedly living the American Dream!  but I wasnt sleeping in the game!

Lucid dreaming like Jared Loughner…The ATLien dipped down I-20 in the Lexus SUV!! a rental or loaner?  swagging / fronting in the game!

Delusional like Miriam Carey or even Aaron Alexis?  dipping like the SUV..the Range Rover on Westside highway in NYC!!  being chased in the game!

Bikers thought they were lame as Hollywood Stuntz are pulled!! who said  these are the best of crimes? 

The arch nemesis even said like us on Facebook! said they’re  the hottest in the hood!!  said these are the best of times!

The empty promise was spoken!!  face to face with a crook!! many heard the telemarketer or received the spam e-mail!

The empty promise was spoken or written by the Russian, Nigerian, or Eastern European…. don’t open that e-mail!!

The arch nemesis is on the premises!!  seeing you or me fail is the mission! I

….spotted them a galaxy away!!  check out how I play!!  using a fresh view fresh vision!

The Deliberate Falsehood Mix

Sunday Jazz Continues…a lot of crazy stuff is going down….some of it is manufactured drama. Check out the deliberate falsehood…an attempt to keep the masses from the truth. Somebody might know what I’m talking about!! In the meantime ponder / reflect on this jazz / funk / hip hop / electro mix by O-Dog…

Deliberate Falsehood Mix

The Reign Began With A Drizzle / The Inclement Weather

Damn!! weather forecasters were slipping!! The Reign Began With A Drizzle!

Damn!!  whatever was the word from the street some feel the pain as plans, hopes , and dreams fizzle!

That’s word from Alex Rodriguez after dealing with Biogenesis..the fire was fully involved per fireman’s lingo;  but the reign dampened it!

Now things are up in smoke!!  problems solved?  please!!  that’s a joke!!   the reign began with a drizzle…a  new type of Genesis? now some are ready to go postal ….they’ll put a stamp on it!

The West Coast?  I lamped on it ….out in San Francisco / Oakland..getting my mind right during the the ongoing reign of terror!

No rest for the weary during the smoke and mirrors; the  grey area  / bay area scenario!

Horrors and terrors blend with my philosophies as I try to maintain!

Tomorrows?  who knows !! sometimes we hinder our own progress during the ongoing reign!

…Plus verdicts are rendered per Sanford Florida…confirming business as usual!

Check out how we work this!!  the reign began with a drizzle;  whats the dizzle? damn!!  I told you!!  its business as usual!

Not trying to act brand new with you during this inclement weather..this is my own form of weather forecasting…

….as we put it down like this….dropping this good word….plus dropping the brand new funk..podcasting….

Grey Area Scenarios

So whats really going on?  its like the GOP Benghazi fiasco…I’m just checking out the grey area


Please!!  in this danger zone?  I knew how it would go!!  these jokers weren’t going to be fair with these or those!


Not a stranger to this!!  like the IRS vs the Tea Party…I knew the devil would oppose!!  that’s how he operates!


Not a stranger to this!!  circumstances were dealt with;  what was built it?  it obligates!


Circumstances were debatable; being built or torn down? that was the question!


Circumstances show us what  the hate will do;  the Elaborate Fantasy that was built comes tumbling down!!  theres even ammonia leaks at the International Space Station…now  some are second guessing!


Circumstances show us God is blessing us;  but  whatcha knowing? fantasy leaks into reality..sometimes were caught up in grey area scenarios!


Its odd!!  some things are stressing us!!  magnified by the smoke and mirrors!!  affecting even fly


Its odd!!  some situations are rectified…steelos  / swags exposed after Jumping and Recognzing!


Playing above the rim like Michael Jordan   ….even rocking some Air Jordans …but portions?  the system is downsizing!


Drama royalty wear crowns as they rise to the top; they said there’s no half stepping like Big Daddy Kane ….Dougie Fresh or Heatwave’s original


Drama royalty like Jodi Arias…check the drama, no loyalty shown; various ways and means used when everybody was out there  swerving!


Recognized the pattern when I was out there in the grey area scenario;  observing the scene!


Now I’m ready to roll….I’m on my way… holding it down!!  you know what I mean?




Life Is Hectic / The Scripture and The Mixture

As we proceed and continue; trying to keep our heads above water per the Good Times theme song!

Everybody is going through something…some fire on firemen up in Rochester;  even those flexing are weak,  even though they seem strong!

Correcting errors!! it seems I’m wrong… but unlike the NRA I’m not afraid to admit it!

Correcting errors!! spotted while I was chilling / zoning… life is hectic!!  even failed a few times;  not ashamed to admit it!

Connecting with the higher power like I was the 2011 AG5 asteroid…not paranoid but a bruh is way way out there!!  staying committed to the breakbeat scientific business!

Reality check cashing when clashing with so-called titans;  bearing witness to how hectic life is!

Fake affection was shown by the princess / queen during the toil and strife; dude said he was just trying to catch up on his pimping!

Jakes are disrespecting during the toil and strife!! we still have low and high-tech lynching!

Fakes at fusion centers were collecting data supposedly to foil the latest plot or scheme!

Life is hectic!! check the Total Chaos;   the confusion centers on not being on the right team!

A knife in the back is what you get from a joker trying to tell you its all love..

As we bear witness to the madness…checking out the Christmas Eve the end of the day they try to push and shove…

Check out the  The Life Is Hectic Mix.

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / Just In Time For Christmas…

Once again it’s on!!  as Christmas approaches; who really has merchandise on sale?

…Marked up to regular price then twenty percent off;  now at its usual price!!  it’s not hard to tell!

Plus it’s not hard to fail!! its easy to get caught up in the system / matrix..who fakes it?   charge cards? people are  running them up to the maximum!

Plus it’s not hard to sell to those materialistic;  but like fiscal cliff plans..they get mad if the government taxes them!

O-Zone is not lax with them or those!!  check these clearance rack epiphanies!

Danger zone policies were like Syrian scud missiles..they interfere with our we deal with these!

Please!!  it’s easy to get thrown under the bus..the short one or even mass transit!

Please!!  rubber is burned on you like the Gap Band;  socio-psycho Adam Lanza..evil songs had another stanza..soon affected by the Uranus Pluto Square and the Venus Transit!

A brotha is like Gap, Limited, Wal-Mart or Macy’s;  but unlike Bangladesh …no workers burn in factories when he drops these clearance rack epiphanies!

Not limited….intergalactic….way way out there!!   there are no borders or boundaries!