Funky House ” Funk Lover’s ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, that’s the kind of vibe exhibited!

Also acknowledging that it’s a Thankful Thursday, y’all should know it’s a blessing to be here; can you dig it?

Good mileage we’re getting on the mothership, frontiers are local / national / international and intergalactic!

Taking it back to the future as we get breakbeat scientific / drop these mathematics!

Still battling the devil and his advocates weaponizing this sound, listening to Funky House ” Funk Lover’s ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Still rolling with this sound selector! check the playlist and the mix as we still get breakbeat scientific!

1: Santana – Whiter Shade Of Pale (feat. Steve Winwood)

2: Aki Bergen – Live Strong (Intro)

3: Eli Escobar – Seein’ You (Saison Remix)

4: 84Bit – Get Along (Jarred Gallo Extended Remix)

5: Yam Nor – Beautiful Business (No Hopes Remix)

6: St.Luke – Gonna Do (Original Mix)

7: Me & My Toothbrush – Sister (Original Club Mix)

8: Full Intention – How Long (KORT Remix)

9: Angelo Ferreri – You’ve Got The Luv (Angelo Ferreri & Moon Rocket ‘Rooftop Live’ Mix)

10: Dj Aiblo – I Give You All My Love (Original Mix)

11: Funky Judge – Hang on to Your Love (Funky Judge Club Mix)

12: House of Prayers – Crush on You (Original Mix)

13: Jeremy Bass – The Preacher (Original Mix)


Traffic – Glad

Digital Crate Digging Continues as Friday afternoon morphs into Friday evening…

O-Dog Day Partying?  Afternoon Jazzing? one thing led to another, soon Friday Night Fevering…

Flashback Friday principles followed but this science dropped is appropriate for any time frame…

Fabulous Friday vibes are exhibited, science dropped by those up to no good like Trump vs USPS will say it’s prohibited as they throw salt in the game..

“Holla at us”; spotted some caught up in the game like jokers caught up in rush hour traffic on I-20 here in Atlanta..

Back with this classic material, some said it’s hazardous material but what we have is spiritual!! coming through listening to Traffic with Glad; check out the players and the track, somebody will understand a brotha!!

Already told some I was a Freedom Rider per the Traffic track earlier, so who’ll work with a brotha?

Already told by some; “I see you son, would want to be ya”; told them cool, just do you!! meanwhile work will be put in by this brotha!!

Drums, Percussion – Jim Capaldi

Organ, Piano, Percussion – Steve Winwood

Saxophone, Flute, Saxophone [Electric], Percussion – Chris Wood