Funky House ” Funk Lover’s ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, that’s the kind of vibe exhibited!

Also acknowledging that it’s a Thankful Thursday, y’all should know it’s a blessing to be here; can you dig it?

Good mileage we’re getting on the mothership, frontiers are local / national / international and intergalactic!

Taking it back to the future as we get breakbeat scientific / drop these mathematics!

Still battling the devil and his advocates weaponizing this sound, listening to Funky House ” Funk Lover’s ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Still rolling with this sound selector! check the playlist and the mix as we still get breakbeat scientific!

1: Santana – Whiter Shade Of Pale (feat. Steve Winwood)

2: Aki Bergen – Live Strong (Intro)

3: Eli Escobar – Seein’ You (Saison Remix)

4: 84Bit – Get Along (Jarred Gallo Extended Remix)

5: Yam Nor – Beautiful Business (No Hopes Remix)

6: St.Luke – Gonna Do (Original Mix)

7: Me & My Toothbrush – Sister (Original Club Mix)

8: Full Intention – How Long (KORT Remix)

9: Angelo Ferreri – You’ve Got The Luv (Angelo Ferreri & Moon Rocket ‘Rooftop Live’ Mix)

10: Dj Aiblo – I Give You All My Love (Original Mix)

11: Funky Judge – Hang on to Your Love (Funky Judge Club Mix)

12: House of Prayers – Crush on You (Original Mix)

13: Jeremy Bass – The Preacher (Original Mix)


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