Oscar Sulley – Olufeme (Natural Self Remix)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way, but y’all should know how we do!

We’re claiming the terrific outcome now check us out as we pull out the drum, especially on this last Tuesday in 2021 as the time / calendar shifts into 2022!

Check us out as we proceed and continue with these breakbeat scientific methods, we’re not derelict in our duties!

We’re showing due diligence, naysayers claim this is pseudo intelligence then they try to knock the hustle even introducing taxes and duties!

Diplomatic immunity is exercised, for freedom we continue to ride pulling up listening to some jazz / afrobeat from Oscar Sulley with a track called Olufeme (Natural Self Remix)

This is perfect as a Tuesday morning shifts into a Tuesday afternoon, we’re Afternoon Jazzing check the tune as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!!

Natural Self – All Static (Natural Self Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday; so who’ll work with me? on this cool day in Atlanta I’m trying to soak some of these sun rays from the season called Pisces..

Holding it down high and low technical even though a dude is dealing with technical difficulties; astrologers blame it on Mercury retrograde in Pisces..

Holding it down!! jokers will question the abilities like Trump putting Mike Pence in charge of the response to the coronavirus pandemic / crisis..

He had trouble in Indiana with the HIV outbreak, some say it’s a setup but we’re wise to the moves made by the fake!!  I can see what they’re saying!! your dude spotted where the wise and otherwise is..

…or are, trying to use proper grammar even though the thought and fashion police give me static like James Brown and Full Force  mentioned per Throwback Thursday…

In the meantime and between time we’re listening to  some jazz funk / jazzhop from Natural Self with a track called  All Static (Natural Self Remix) courtesy of the Tru Thoughts Jukebox; your dude  still gets breakbeat scientific / still rocks, so who’ll work with me?