Johnny M – Deepness | Deep / Progressive / Melodic / Organic

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this O-Dog Day Party!! this is our Terrible / Terrific Tuesday edition!

Things can go either way but so far we’ve had a good dayas saga / struggle continues as we broadcast live and direct from our remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta; at the moment this is how we’re living!

Check out these menus, generous when giving out these soulful meals so we can rebuke shady deals from all these charlatans!

Rocking these venues from Atlanta to wherever you are or wherever you at! the vernacular from hip hop partisans!

We’re in the heart of this thing dropping this Johnny M – Deepness | Deep / Progressive / Melodic / Organic!

Check out the playlist and the mix on this this is what’s up / what it do as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!!

Johnny M – Deepness | Deep / Progressive / Melodic / Organic ——————————————————————————-


01. Jayden Klight – World Famous (IT-XPO Remix) [Blankhaus Music] 00:00

02. Subnode – Love Is All (Original Mix) [3rd Avenue] 07:19

03. Niko Garcia – I Think and Say (Original Mix) [Nordic Voyage Recordings] 14:40

04. Martin Cozar – Dizzy And Confused (Gudy Remix) [One Of A Kind] 21:45

05. Emre K. – For You (Original Mix) [Rabbit Records] 28:36

06. Armen Miran, Felix Raphael – Ghost (Matan Caspi Remix) [Hoomidaas] 33:42

07. Northdans – Inner Sound (Original Mix) [Click Records] 39:29

08. Amono Dio – Electra (Original Mix) [Movement Recordings] 44:44

09. Lio Q – Tetsu (Original Mix) [Traful] 51:40

10. Shayan Pasha – Garden of Eden (Original Mix) [Krafted Underground] 58:30

11. Nicolas Barnes – Core (Original Mix) [ECOUL SND] 1:04:22

12. Alley SA – Never Ending Journey (Original Mix) [One Of A Kind] 1:11:11

13. Mattias Herrera, Dunadry – Budapest Station (Original Mix) [Droid9] 1:17:29

14. Gabriel Razo – Always Cunning (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection South America] 1:22:43

15. Michael Kortenhaus – Path to Deepia (Original Mix) [Another Life Music] 1:29:01

16. Kros – Learn Again (Original Mix) [RYNTH] 1:34:38

17. Tobak – Passion (Original Mix) [Click Records] 1:41:27

18. Kuzzey – Gaia (Original Mix) [Ohxala Records] 1:47:01

19. Rudra – Vartamaan (Sunset Mix) [3rd Avenue] 1:54:08

20. Christopher Hermann – Amalgan (Rudra Remix) [Future Avenue] 2:00:42


Avenue Sessions 001 | Mixed By La Vue

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Music Monday edition!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; earlier? I mentioned staying strong, that’s how we’re living!

At the moment? we’re in the lab chilling, in our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Caught in a moment of time, a critical stage of development? trying to get our minds right, somebody will understand a brotha!

We’re dropping another soundscape so we can make an escape, coming through listening to this Avenue Sessions 001 | Mixed By La Vue courtesy of Johnny M.

Check out the playlist and the mix , something to chill out to as Monday morning transitions into Monday afternoon or actually whenever / whatever time frame!!


01 Mariner + Domingo – Found Peace [3rd Avenue]

02 Fabian Balino – Endless Story [3rd Avenue]

03 Beije – Window to the Soul [3rd Avenue]

04 Leon Lobato – Retro Love (GastoM Remix) [3rd Avenue]

05 Choopie, Golan Zocher – Alush (Alberto Hernandez & Dulus Remix) [3rd Avenue]

06 amháin – Antecedent (Andrés Moris Remix) [Sound Avenue]

07 Dublew – High Seas [3rd Avenue]

08 Arina Mur – Make a Wish (Pambouk Remix) [Sound Avenue]

09 Sarah Chilanti, Nōpi – Flatter (Dmitry Molosh Remix) [Sound Avenue]

10 Fran Bianco – Pattern of Behaviour (Rodrigo Lapena & Gonzalo Sacc Remix) [Future Avenue]

11 Monojoke – Awakenings (Marcelo Paladini Remix) [3rd Avenue]

12 Arco, Momo Khani – Alakazam [3rd Avenue]

13 DKEYMUSIK – Wanderlust [3rd Avenue]

14 La Vue – Hampi (Lèrr Lullaby Remix) [3rd Avenue]

15 Bynomic – Be a Child for One Last Day (KYOTTO Remix) [3rd Avenue]

16 Mattias Herrera – Nimbus [3rd Avenue]

17 Julian Rodriguez – Lugares (Andres Moris Remix) [3rd Avenue]

18 Beije – Azimuth (GMJ Remix) [Sound Avenue]

19 Alan Cerra – Levitate [3rd Avenue]

20 Matias Vila – Union Eterna (Sebastian Sellares Remix) [Sound Avenue]

21 Seven Wells – Amidst the Clutter & Mess (rAin Remix) [3rd Avenue]

22 Dzhef – Deum Verum [3rd Avenue]

23 Sunburstz – Right After (Monojoke Remix) [3rd Avenue]

24 Mango Cult – Sequoia (Mass Digital Remix) [3rd Avenue]

25 Manzur Ø – ID Universe [3rd Avenue]

26 Figueras – Genesis [3rd Avenue]

27 Marcelo Paladini – Smooth Cover [3rd Avenue]

28 Rossalto – Katharsis [3rd Avenue]

29 MATE 0000, Karolina Borowski – Try (Jiminy Hop Remix) [3rd Avenue]

30 Dzhef – Savanah’s Guzheng [Sound Avenue]

31 Jayden Klight – Click [Sound Avenue]

Johnny M – Euphoria | Exclusive Continuous Dj Mix For Future Avenue

Digital Crate Digging Continues check these menus as we we take it back to the future on a Flashback Friday!
It’s a blessing to be here, check the celebration due to it also being a Fabulous Friday!

 But it’s rough out here being realistic about the matter; this Omicron Variant has people feeling some kind of way!

Now we have the new IHU Variant! reality? not fair with it but we already knew how it would play! 

Now as we come through this good music will play per the Johnny M – Euphoria | Exclusive Continuous Dj Mix For Future Avenue.

Check out the playlist and the mix as we continue to get breakbeat scientific rebuking the hard times on the boulevard / avenue!!

Check this out at Johnny M – Euphoria | Exclusive Continuous Dj Mix For Future Avenue