Funky Disco House ” Funk Party 2022 ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; excuse us as we do our due diligence!

 Check out the music and this good word which naysayers claim is borderline belligerence!

They don’t know what the deal is or they spout the pseudo intelligence trying to kick knowledge that’s irrelevant!

This dude can see what the deal is, so I continue to do what I do; now jokers want to to trip, saying I’m acting different!

Rising above the madness, O-Dog Day Partying with it, coming through listening to Funky Disco House ” Funk Party 2022 ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Check out the playlist and the mix; perfect for this rainy night in Georgia or whenever; check us out as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!!

1: Dzialach – I’m Not Your Lady (Radio Mix)

2: SaintMark – Waiting for You (Original Mix)

3: Nari – Capri (Summer Mix)

4: Laurent Simeca – Backing the Days (House of Prayers Remix)

5: Nari – Portofino (Original Mix)

6: Nari – That’s the Way (Original Mix)

7: Dj Aiblo – Heaven (Original Mix)

8: DAN_ROS – Feel It (Original Mix)

9: Crazibiza – Ain’t No Sunshine (Nari Extended Mix)

10: House of Prayers – What a Night (Cheesecake Boys Remix)

11: Paradize Groove – Flawless 2K22 (Original Mix)

12: Paggi & Costanzi – Thousand Kisses (Original Mix)

13: Nari – Funky Chop (Original Mix)

14: Mike Hosking – Smooth Operator (Funky Mix)


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