Future Avenue Yearmix 2021 | Compiled and Mixed by Bynomic | Progressive House Set

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday! things can go either way!

I already told you, if you don’t know now you know now check the flow as we let the music play!

Check the flow, the life celebration with this music and the elaboration from O-Zone!

O-Dog Day Partying in the heart of this thing! once again it’s on! 

We’re coming through on electric avenue listening to Future Avenue Yearmix 2021 | Compiled and Mixed by Bynomic | Progressive House Set

It’s courtesy of Johnny M, check out the playlist and the mix to see what’s happening as we take it back to the future, we’re on it!


01) Bynomic & Stan Seba – Holy Ground (Gabo Martin’s Alt Mix)

02) ThinkDeep – Illusions (Original Mix)

03) Seba GS – Lost Worlds (Original Mix)

04) Marway – Maresia (Original Mix)

05) Mango Cult – The Great Journey Home (Original Mix)

06) VeeQue – Mother Wilderness (Original Mix)

07) Gaston Sosa – Amaru (Original Mix)

08) Serge Landar – Epos (Original Mix)

09) Maximo Gambini – Equality (LOFAB Remix)

10) Valeria Petz – ScandGrace (Luis Del Vecchio & J.P. Velardi Remix)

11) Fran Bianco – Pattern of Behaviour (Dany DZ Remix)

12) Serge Landar – Don’t Look Back (Original Mix)

13) Max Averbach – Sacrament (Original Mix)

14) Callecat – Oskar (Ricardo Piedra Remix)

15) Daniel Gomez & Eze Colombo – Always Try to Be Better (Juan Lagisquet Dub Remix)

16) Roam Freely – Temporal Rift (Original Mix)

17) ZAHNA – Alfaragh (Original Mix)

18) Luman – Moebius (Echo Daft 6AM Remix)

19) Travis Jesse – Rediscovered (Original Mix)

20) Rikken – Scotoma (Original Mix)

21) Nicolas Benedetti – Red Droplets (Original Mix)

22) Fran Garay – Bulka (Original Mix)


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