A Change In The Routine

Excuse me, I beg your pardon but I had to flip the script.

Oh! The I-20 Chronicles will go on but soon down I-10 I’ll dip.

Road trips are taken meandering down in the SouthWest.

New Orleans, Houston cruising but not for a bruising I’m already stressed.

…plus I’m already blessed per the Lord ordering my steps but sometimes hardheaded.

Sometimes I follow directions then internal insurrections will have me deep fried: breaded.

Sometimes not following the script has been a blessing in disguise so who really has the answers?

Sometimes not following the script will have you at the disco inferno with all the other devil dancers.

Going for it! But saying a prayer before I go in / get it in!

Changing the routine! Kevin Durant changing to a new team? just trying to win.


Marvin Gaye

Insights provided on the recording of What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye; plus you can enjoy the album!!

Inside the Beautiful Mind of EJ Martinez

Marvin Gaye’s music and image started shortly after he was discharged out of the Air Force for mental issues (The Smoking Gun, 2005). In the 1960’s prior to recording of “What’s Going On” Marvin was more of a Jazz and Doo Wop enthusiast and had no intentions on becoming involved in R&B music. Gaye’s initial musical inspirations came in the form of groups such as The Moonglows. He attributed hearing the song “God Only Knows” as his musical awakening (*1).

There were many social and national concerns that influenced the lyrical content of What’s Going On. Many thought that Vietnam was a meaningless war. Police engaged in beating protestors at an antiwar rally at Berkeley University. Gaye’s brother also had been adversely affected by being in the war (Lynskey, 2011).

While the Four Tops were travelling on tour Obie Benson (one of the members of the group) witnessed the beatings…

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All Is Well? Please!! Life Is Hectic!! (WordPress Edition)

Don’t be acting like all is well!! per Ferguson and NYC chokeholds represented lovely by Berkeley you should see the reign of terror is still ongoing.

I was fortunate enough to dip to safe havens and safe harbors;  the healing process is ongoing.

Per Cam Newton wrecking out I know how the sport can get; chilling out!! spiritual strength is growing!!  especially after observing the scene.

Not acting brand new son!! but I’m Ready to roll and I’m going the length in the upcoming episodes;  soon hitting up the scene.

The scene was full of commerce!!  it seems cash was flowing but people are still suffering.

APEC Summits and G20 meetings in Brisbane took place;  but people are still suffering.

O-Dog’s drum kit provided the rebuttal; he’s not an armchair quarterback in the huddle!!  its nothing for him to hook up a track.

Not acting brand new in the ongoing spiritual warfare!! all is not well!! that’s why were  swinging a Sonic Blackjack.

Not acting brand new son!! even though O-Zone will fall back and hit the reset button.

Not acting brand new son!! word from a veteran in the game that’s on to something.

Knowing something; life is hectic!! but some of these jokers will skin and grin!! they’ll tell you all is well!!

Knowing something; toil and strife show us we’re disrespected; they want us all to fail!!


Jumping and Recognizing (The Scripture and The Mixture)

Some may Do The Knowledge;  Then they’re  recognizing; they’ll  Jump To The Same Conclusion I Have!!

…Either do that or You’ll Get Played!!  now downsizing!! you’ll end up losing what you have!!

Like the CIA torture report being released the fabric will unravel;  Hanging On A String like Loose Ends?

Receiving the Knockout Message per the Sonic Blackjack?  or Reality and the message that truth sends?

O-Dog will provide proof with his blends and mixes;  esoteric / eclectic Knowledge? O-Zone kicks it..

What It Do? What It Does? at the end of the day? some realize that this world is Wicked…

…As some come slick with it;  this ot that? they’ll try to tweak this!!!

Not Mad Atcha!!! we’re all just products  of the conditions in this world; that’s why I’m in conflict with it!! I know how bleak it is!!!

Visualized The Sequence!! Some Already Knew!!! They Did The Knowlegde….

Now were Ready To Roll;  The Mothership will get good mileage!!

Knowing how foul it is!! some may Jump To The Same Conclusion!!!

But these brothas fight back with  the sound; that’s what we’re using..using!!!

Still Swinging The Sonic Blackjack PT.3 (It Don’t Stop!!)

The Knockout Message is reloaded; still swinging the Sonic Blackjack!! it’s an episode on the O-Dog Podcast..

…Elaborated on  here at What’s Really Going on? and Random Thoughts;  please!! it’s like that…

It’s like this and like that!! check these sources Of Illumination and Clarification per jokers not playing fair in this nation!!  from Ferguson police shootings  to NYC chokeholds we  deal with the madness..

Now check the Sonic Assault!! This is what it do!! we’re Blowing Up The Spot with the Boom Boom when we come with this!!

It’s like the hell caught in Chechnya as the guns blast!!  but we’re trying to come right with this!!  but we’re only human so you know mistakes are made!!

….So I won’t be self righteous like other fakes with the games that are played….

Roles that are portrayed?  award winning!!  selling us utopia!!  based on a dream…

….Reminded me of friends helping friends from back in the day;  a pyramid scheme…

Haters try to plot and scheme like states with lawsuits over Obama immigration actions!!  please!! it’s all game!! just peep this..this..

Check out another episode of the drama as it goes down!! just Visualize The Sequence!!

…Even heard some talk about the Secret..positive energy out= positive results..

Basic universal law;  sometimes there’s a false positive!!  in math and science?  you end up with opposite results

Positive attracts negative when magnets are used;  is that’s why some folk get abused?

Trying to be positive? the devil is opposed!!  check the ongoing episodes!! ill methods are used!!!

Thats why we swing the Sonic Blackjack; the  sound is used!! jazz, funk and hip-hop are fused;  .sound forges like the software

Please!!!..This Is The Sonic Assault!! the sound is a weapon in this Spiritual Warfare


Dilated Peoples – Show Me The Way ft. Aloe Blacc (Official Video)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some of my favorites The Dilated Peoples – with a track called Show Me The Way ft. Aloe Blacc (Official Video)..Let’s Get It!!

The Truth Game Is Still Being Played

As we proceed and continue I see jokers are still playing the truth game. Oh yeah!! the truth game, or reality as they know it. This type of business keeps me in conflict with the world!!

I have different satellites posted up across the universe to combat the situation. Check out my blogs Random Thoughts From A Brotha and the Sonic Assault along with this blog What’s Really Going On?  and on Facebook to see how I do business!!


As Sunday Jazz Continues check out this hiphop / jazz mix from O-Dog called the Truth Game

Extraordinary PT.4 (They’re Through With This)

It’s going down!!  they said I’m playing it like Vladimir Putin!! acting extra!!  they said I’m acting brand new with this.

I felt the vibe;  jokers were playing me like  I looted the treasury per the International Monetary Fund!!  plus the careless whispers and sideways glances provided revelations;  some act like they’re through with this.

The careless whispers weren’t the George Michael type!! some of these jokers believed the hype!!  they thought it was all about the fun/ funds!!  I guess the next level business had them confused.

…They’re mad because I didn’t join the corporation where folk are used and abused.

Breakbeat scientific methods are used; rocking the baldy in this sport but we walked through like a dread!! damn!!  the timing was perfect / impeccable.

Right On Tine Per The Brothers Johnson!!  beholding the beauty as I do my duty!! I wasn’t fooling with the Walking Dead!! this is extraordinary!!  but some will disrespect a bruh.

What were these brothers and sisters on?  some were misled / waiting in the dark!! I heard them “snoking and joking”  others were “skinning and grinning”

I was letting the hustlers hustle and the players play;  I’m all about winning.

They said I was acting extra!!  just call it extraordinary.

Now they’re through with this;  at the end of the day?   like the weekend of resistance in Ferguson theyll see its revolutionary.

Discussions about freedom aren’t arbitrary like union negotiations with management…

This breakbeat scientific business is extraordinary; even if we did or didn’t do it somebody would damn it!!

Famine Or Feast PT.2 / Back Away From The Buffet

The thrill was gone per BB King and Lucille; so what’s up?  now some know the deal.

It can be famine or feast!!  plus some might need to back away from the buffet  as these concepts are combined!!  when I bring the real…

Haters are damning these if I do or don’t because I came back with a play that they couldn’t feel.

Some are understanding because they’re looking at it with a fresh view / fresh vision;  now some know the deal.

Some are understanding; time will reveal like Debarge!!  famine or feast will be the by-product.

Meanwhile I backed away from the buffet because I  was trying to chill; I wasn’t large and in charge to say the least!! that’s  for those that question my conduct.

I conduct myself in an orderly fashion!!  but Iwas defiant like Hercules so  that will still get my kind in trouble!!

I told shorty I was just doing what I do or acting like I knew!!  but who will work with these?  I’m out of fashion or out of pocket!! I’m an outside the boxer so it’ll get me in trouble…

The corrupt were influenced by the thought and fashion police;  damn!!  it’s easy to see how they do.

Some ask what’s up? Sonic Assaults were part of the story unfolding as we speak  as I continue doing what I do!!

So what’s up? it can be famine or feast like no peace in the Middle East  per the Gaza Strip or even in Chicagoland

I backed away from the buffet as concepts are combined like a combo meal from your favorite fast food restaurant; somebody might understand…