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Updating this Captain’s Log as we float through waters full of smoke and fog, this is part ten; what’s up man? is this the finale?

The hating continues; not at Captain’s Quarters in Louisville looking at menus, but I rocked fly clothing from Captain’s Quarters  men store when they were at 15th and Broadway, but haters got foul with me!!

The funky fresh style was flexed as I crossed borders, these days? I’m dipping down I-20 in Atlanta…

I was down on Hamilton E Holmes Drive, named after one of the first African Americans to integrate the University of Georgia …

Rode through the city trying not to draw attention, now I’m on Bankhead Highway, renamed Donald Lee Hollowell after the Georgia attorney..

Summer in Atlanta? it was hot as hell, we’re a week from Labor Day as I update this Captain’s Log,  so summer is over; who’ll work with me?

I was in a spot where some were in suits / hard bottom shoes;  I bounced in wearing jeans, Mecca polo shirt / Reeboks;  due to hustle knocks some wonder what crime I committed…

They became suspicious like I was Shannon Miles down in Texas shooting deputies; please!! I’m not that dimwitted…

They became suspicious, pulling files!! they said Mr. Miles attended Prairie View A&M University with Sandra Bland down in  Texas…

In this game? we knew what the deal was, styles are flagrant from the center, to the left and to the right!! those going through adversity understand how complex the sport is…

In this game?  I’m a sonic mercenary!! I didn’t abort this mission, check the steady bombardment of the enemy position, as I update this Captains Log and  per the O-Dog Podcast…

The 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina made an impression, it reminded of the storms we go through in life; some will pray and fast…


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