Fighting Back / Setting It Straight

The Kool Aid was drunk; now some are drunk like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump blaming Obama for the Baltimore Riots; please!!  they’re out there / out of control like the Russian Cargo Ship that just left The International Space Station..

O-Dog has the funk and we’re not trying to lose!! sounds bump!!  he told you earlier about the situation being out of control!!  this is our response to the chaos and frustration..

O-Zone?  I was casing the joint; moments are stolen like a burglar; does that make me criminal minded?

In this danger zone? I’m not the one they’ll anoint; they weren’t checking for me / they don’t know; I wasn’t worried about them but they should be worried about me!!  if they don’t know they’d better find out!!

Pain and anguish felt; but I minded my business during the Natural Process; I let it do what it do…

Broken English and Broken Beats used during this process; Blue Collar / Mechanical Engineering / Industrial Strength; act like you knew..

What it do? I was in these Atlanta streets, dipping down I-20 when I spotted the *playa from the Himalayas* as he rolled up in the Infiniti G-20..

What it do? he was following instructions per the *Play On Player* advice!! in Washington?  capitalism will be  put to the test!! at it’s best during a meeting of the G-20?

Banks and corporations are playing around with the money; Moon is in Virgo so I had work to do!! so I’m on it!!

Abort operations was the word to us like UFC types to Jon Jones;  but O-Zone is up on it..

The sport is complex; situations in these danger zones have the opposition calling some thugs; another form of hate?

Hope diminished for some; meanwhile we use the funk to fight back; We Come To Set It Straight…


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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