I Was Told To Play On Player PT.4

The dial is changed; Sean Hannity wasn’t talking about anything!! even Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson knew that!!   plus the people that called  in were Confused About Things..

Victims of Social Engineering?  understand me?  they act like they’ve been using those things..

Fill in the blanks;  meanwhile Blue Collar / Mechanical Engineering is used as we Rebuke The Hostile Takeover….

…Said thanks; but no thanks to bootleg / shadetree  mechanics trying to fix things like the Iran Nuclear Deal; there’s no hot style makeover…

The Game Is Over!! like Kentucky knocked out in the Final Four;  another so called number one gets beat!! like Duke winning we had to  wait to the end of the season to decide…

Moving forward; that’s what’s up with me!! Play on Player was the advice from old dude!! so  through this Dark Mysterious World we ride….

*Moving Straight Ahead*  doing the knowledge; calculating the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space...

No GOP ads per stopping Hillary Clinton  but O-Zone has Hot Messages; he’s on the case…

Not up in the race!!  even though baby girl told me to Play On Player…

God is on the case!! before and after the drama unfurls this brotha says a prayer…

Now my aura has a thick layer; it’s like a force field as the drama can be local, national, international and intergalactic…

The reign of terror is rebuked!! play on player was the advice received!! I wasn’t decieved by those acting irrational!! the so called leader was a fanatic!!


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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