Visualizing The Sequence / Observing The Scene / Ready To Roll!!

What’s the deal? I Visualized The Sequence;  doing the knowledge, a brotha is Observing The Scene….

O-Dog will freak this sound;  per the CIA torture report it’s the rebuttal to those that plot and scheme, disturbing the dream…

Curbing the machine like I did the Olds Delta 88 after the engine blew!!  these days? I’m acting like I knew!! The Mothership Has Landed…

Curbing my appetite based on what’s seen and heard; from NYC to Ferguson?   a brotha’s taken for granted…

Things are tight on earth for a brotha; even though executive orders by  Obama set immigration standards  no asylum is granted…

Heard the consecutive orders from the matrix architect!! check the prosecutor’s closing arguments;  plus the grand jury was biased!! views were slanted..

In Babylon? Judge, jury, and executor’s procedures landed some in bad situations…

Feel me as I bear witness to what confusion, failure and frustration is!!

…To go along with the confusion, chaos and mayhem that’s ongoing…

This brotha is Ready To Roll after Proclamations are  made;  I go for “what I’m knowing”

I’m On My Way;  showing you something in the process!! it’s  of the Healing variety..

The Sonic Assault is going down; to me?  it’s a top priority!!

Ready To Roll!!  I’m on my way!! just got back from Pluto and Mars and I’m bringing the funk with me…

Observing The Scene; spotted the troll on a roll while some act like they’re done with me…..

……Wasn’t on the one with me;  some even called me a midget like Marvin Lewis did Johnny Manziel!!   but just keep living like the old school Baptist  preacher told me;  life is full of changes..

Ready To Roll!! I’m on my way!! coming through to change this..this..this..


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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