We’re No Longer There; We Had To Move On

2014 morphed ito 2015; how were we dealing? we’re Last Laughing!!  we were once up in the spot be we had to move on.

…like John Boehner and the GOP taking over Congress in 2015 we did the math up in this thing!! we  spotted the scheme and plot;  so we had to move on.

*Move on nothing to see here*  per Naked Gun was the line from authorities;  but like in NYC  the chokehold videotape revealed otherwise.

Ear shattering gunshots exploded;  the situation is out of control!!  jokers are blowing up the spot!!  they’re down with the wise and otherwise.

Thoughts that were once scattering around the universe are collected;  dots were connected!! soon I was wise to the setup!!  some are regurgitating / throwing up a lot due to the doctrine that’s swallowed.

Bully pulpits were full of pimps from Louisville / Newburg to over in  Johannesburg;  to Charlotte Mecklenburg; but even Eric B and Rakim said no mistakes are allowed.

What’s up with it?  it’s even going down here in the ATL on another scale / on another level.

R. I. P.  to Stuart Scott and my cousin Willie; plus Edward Brooke as they moved on to the next level.

The next devil / crook will try to scheme and plot like Donald Trump trying to reel Bill Cosby in through Kesha Knight Pulliam.

Check out this next level business based on leaving the spot;  please!!  I’m not fooling with them.

Check out this next level business; the train of thought is rolling!!  pulling Pullman Cars like Amtrak..

2015; we had to move on from the 2014 madness, jokers were acting a fool with that..


Visualizing The Sequence / Observing The Scene / Ready To Roll!!

What’s the deal? I Visualized The Sequence;  doing the knowledge, a brotha is Observing The Scene….

O-Dog will freak this sound;  per the CIA torture report it’s the rebuttal to those that plot and scheme, disturbing the dream…

Curbing the machine like I did the Olds Delta 88 after the engine blew!!  these days? I’m acting like I knew!! The Mothership Has Landed…

Curbing my appetite based on what’s seen and heard; from NYC to Ferguson?   a brotha’s taken for granted…

Things are tight on earth for a brotha; even though executive orders by  Obama set immigration standards  no asylum is granted…

Heard the consecutive orders from the matrix architect!! check the prosecutor’s closing arguments;  plus the grand jury was biased!! views were slanted..

In Babylon? Judge, jury, and executor’s procedures landed some in bad situations…

Feel me as I bear witness to what confusion, failure and frustration is!!

…To go along with the confusion, chaos and mayhem that’s ongoing…

This brotha is Ready To Roll after Proclamations are  made;  I go for “what I’m knowing”

I’m On My Way;  showing you something in the process!! it’s  of the Healing variety..

The Sonic Assault is going down; to me?  it’s a top priority!!

Ready To Roll!!  I’m on my way!! just got back from Pluto and Mars and I’m bringing the funk with me…

Observing The Scene; spotted the troll on a roll while some act like they’re done with me…..

……Wasn’t on the one with me;  some even called me a midget like Marvin Lewis did Johnny Manziel!!   but just keep living like the old school Baptist  preacher told me;  life is full of changes..

Ready To Roll!! I’m on my way!! coming through to change this..this..this..