They’ll Put You In A Trick Bag

Like families in Yemen paid off due to errant drone strikes you’ll be put in a trick bag!!  old school cliches are used!!!

O-Zone is throwing strikes with the first thing that came to my mind!!  jumping and recognizing after you’ve been used and abused!!!

Listening to Robert Palmer; damn!!  I knew what he was on!! I knew what he was talking about!!!

Waterboarding like ISIS? the hot water will scald ya!! choosing to accept this assignment?   please!! I’m not a clone that walked about!!

Dipped in the Honda Accord down I-20 in Atlanta during the crisis after choosing to accept this assignment;   somewhat like Mission Impossible!!

Ghost Protcol? not to be  confused with Ebola Protocol; what’s up y’all?  what will the CDC  posse do?

Maybe I lost y’all!   what’s up bro? you might need to catch up on your pimping!! so let me bring it back!!

Maybe I lost y’all!! I’m intergalactic with it!! out on a tangent!! believe me!!  rolling down the information highway per internet neutrality; I have the knack!!!

Let me bring it back!! I cut the corner because the mothership never stayed in neutral!! but not trying to act brand new with ya!!  jokers will put you in a trick bag!! I’m just your friendly neighborhood blogger!!!

Jokers tried to put me in a trick bag as I exercise first amendment rights;   accusations of being a mobster were received from Blogster!!

Smoke  and fog enhanced by mirrors? it’s a complex one!! what? that issue is!!  but not trying to find where the tissue is!!!. Not Boo Hooing!  no time for a pity party!!!

Jokers will put you in a trick bag!! meanwhile I just post episodes on The O-Dog Podcast;  it might even make some people party!!!


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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