They’ll Put You In A Trick Bag

Like families in Yemen paid off due to errant drone strikes you’ll be put in a trick bag!!  old school cliches are used!!!

O-Zone is throwing strikes with the first thing that came to my mind!!  jumping and recognizing after you’ve been used and abused!!!

Listening to Robert Palmer; damn!!  I knew what he was on!! I knew what he was talking about!!!

Waterboarding like ISIS? the hot water will scald ya!! choosing to accept this assignment?   please!! I’m not a clone that walked about!!

Dipped in the Honda Accord down I-20 in Atlanta during the crisis after choosing to accept this assignment;   somewhat like Mission Impossible!!

Ghost Protcol? not to be  confused with Ebola Protocol; what’s up y’all?  what will the CDC  posse do?

Maybe I lost y’all!   what’s up bro? you might need to catch up on your pimping!! so let me bring it back!!

Maybe I lost y’all!! I’m intergalactic with it!! out on a tangent!! believe me!!  rolling down the information highway per internet neutrality; I have the knack!!!

Let me bring it back!! I cut the corner because the mothership never stayed in neutral!! but not trying to act brand new with ya!!  jokers will put you in a trick bag!! I’m just your friendly neighborhood blogger!!!

Jokers tried to put me in a trick bag as I exercise first amendment rights;   accusations of being a mobster were received from Blogster!!

Smoke  and fog enhanced by mirrors? it’s a complex one!! what? that issue is!!  but not trying to find where the tissue is!!!. Not Boo Hooing!  no time for a pity party!!!

Jokers will put you in a trick bag!! meanwhile I just post episodes on The O-Dog Podcast;  it might even make some people party!!!


Mad At The World / In Conflict With The World PT .2

Lord Have mercy!!! some of us are in ***Conflict With The World***

You heard me?? in the Gaza Strip slingshots were used!!! rocks were hurled!!!

In other spots like Baghdad?   or Kobane?  even here in Atlanta drama unfurled!! a brain tumor from the stress?

I’m out of sync with this world!!  In Atlanta?  *old girl* was at the counter buying lottery tickets saying things are a  **hot mess**

They even said I’m a hot mess; just call me the hot messenger!! I’m not *with this* *systems are on the blink*…it’s a glitch in the matrix!!!

Disaster?? Oh Yeah!!  per the Ebola crisis were *on the brink* introduced by those that fake it!!

Moving faster but pulled over by DeKalb County Police about a bad tail light!! in the background somebody is blasting off shots / rounds!! are some worried about the wrong thing? I couldn’t take it!  ***BreakBeat Science*** is introduced…I hit the switch!!!

Moving faster through the Smoke and Mirrors; per politicans / businessman nod and wink /  the handshake; who hit the switch??

Lights are turned on and off!!! horror and terror is introduced !  it don’t matter!!! roaches still scatter!!!!

O-Zone; I type in this scientific data;  like old girl said *everybody ain’t able* ; my  HQ  was once at Blogster!!!

Damn!! those clones didn’t get the gist of it so I was kicked to the curb!!  An Internet Mobster??

In the ATL with the Louisville style / steelo; I was far from a buster or Herb!!  Back in those days? .I stayed rolling in the ***deuce and a quarter**

It’s Buick Electra 225 for those that never crossed the tracks or  the border!!

But I digress!!! let me get back to this world that’s ***Out Of Order**………….

**Lord Have Mercy** as I pray for a brother, sister, son or a daughter…………


The Return Engagement / (The Relocation Edition)

Breakbeat science is dropped….but we’re rolling through a different neighborhood…..we were evicted from Blogster…like foreclosed homes in Atlanta….

Fake when we cosmic slopped? naw!! we’re real with it…plus check this good word; the Captain’s Log is updated…who’ll understand a brotha?

We never quit and never stopped…check out this next level business that’s going down!!

What’s at stake? we hip hopped, jazzed it up, plus dropped funk when we came to this  neighborhood…this is how it’s going down…

What’s at stake? pleas are copped…some will be deported like children from Honduras

What’s at stake? the madness hasn’t stopped…like the ongoing drama in the Gaza seems the arch nemesis is on the premises...

What’s at stake? hope will diminish for some..soon they’re caught out there like Jose Antonio Vargas.

Breakbeat scientific business is the response to this and that…but jokers try to stretch the negotiations out like Iran Nuclear Talks…why did they start this?

Please!! check out this Return Engagement…we’re back in the heart of this after a brief hiatus..we were Seaboarding

Check out the Return Engagement….we’re back in the heart of this…similar to Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios….when we were West Coasting….

What are the terms of engagement? we’re putting work in!! no rest for the weary!! plus there’s no coasting or slacking….

What are the terms of endearment?  please!! there’s no love….some will fear that!! the hustlers hustle and the players play..some even call themselves macking…





Is It Some Type Of Weird Science?

Its like the crisis in Syria…I’m checking out the chaos and confusion…using a fresh view and fresh vision to interpret the weird signs!

Damn!! seeing what the deal is…my taking a loss was an option;  the apparatus they said I was working with a weird science!

Officials were faking the coin toss!!  but check the status..I’m rocking mine but …whispers and sideways glances show the disapproval!

Shaking off the paranoia…peeping game…spotted the paranormal;  as jokers act like Boehner supporting Obama concerning Syria..some brand new with a bruh!

Like they took the wrapper off; whats up with another?  the by-product revealed twisted / weird minds!

Dangerous like Michael Jackson mentioned!! I paid attention…I  wrote this on his birthday;  does that make it a weird science?

Strange with this?  weird with mine?  before I was banned from Blogster I told a joker to read between the lines…but actually I believe some are tired of thinking!

Its the end if the day?  some will find out the O-Dizzle funk was stinking!

….plus O-Zone was like Diana Nyad swimming from Cuba…I didn’t quit..I  wasn’t blinking when staring into the eye of the tiger!

….That’s word from this danger zone updated upgraded 60’s type freedom fighter!

At the concert real bic  lighters flick…not the app…as bass treble and tone from the disco inferno set the roof on fire!

Lights for those waiting in the dark!!  …..was it a weird science that was dropped on the empire?

Local / International / Intergalactic

They asked me whats up?  I told them I’m local, international, and even intergalactic with it!

Didn’t bask in the limelight;  though jokers are acting irrational like Christopher Jordan Dorner out in Los Angeles;  but I knew how a fanatic would get!

1990 photograph of Pluto and Charon. Taken by ...
1990 photograph of Pluto and Charon. Taken by the Hubble Telescope. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jokers will get their crime tight; doing asteroid fly-bys  from Pluto to Mars…then do drive-bys  from Louisville  / Newburg to Johannesburg!

…From Mali /Timbuktu to the West Bank ..from Kandahar to the ATL;  from  NYC to Charlotte  / Mecklenburg!

…And all points in between;  in Manhattan on Wall Street brokers were fresh and clean after pulling the caper!

From the halls of the Senate and Congress;  jokers broke us after pulling the caper!

From board rooms to cubicles and stalls of corporations;  to garment factories burning in Bangladesh!

Whose acting brand new with us?  said they’re banging hard like competing radio and television networks conning the masses… funky fresh in the flesh!

Word from Hollywood!!  supporting the Deliberate Falsehood with movies fresh out of the box!

Not just the hottest in the hood per Red Cafe …I’m local, international, and intergalactic  with it;  way way out there!!  outside the box!

Stop this I was told!!  irrational with the mathematics?  I was even banned from Blogster!

But the world keeps spinning; some losing / some winning;  posting this to my other blog sir!

A cyber mobster!!  hyper from the ATL to Pluto…local,  international or intergalactic!

A hater hopes that we fail but we continue to flow..dropping the funk and mathematics!

Check out The Intergalactic Multi-Dimension Mix.

Dealing With Glitches In The Matrix; Now Getting Back In Sync

Dealing with glitches in the matrix..spotted snitches that fake it…caught out in storms like Ernesto in the Yucatan…now trying to get back in sync; trying to catch up on my pimping! 

The saga / struggle continues; like trying to beat Usain Bolt ….I’m wishing it was a simple thing! 

“Pimping ain’t easy” …its not a thing of beauty..that’s what old dude told me!

Putting in work like Frank Edgar…what can I tell ya? I’m trying to do my duty; but store clerks were rude…I’m at the service desk returning what they sold me!

I’m in the same business!! check the clearance rack epiphanies …deals are turned like A123….please!!  I even relocated! 

Whats the business?  whats the deally?  jokers banned me from Blogster; those folks hated!

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Daeling With Glitches In The Matrix; Now Getting Back In Sync.

The Healing Of The Spirit Is Not Complete

Mentioned earlier and I continue to mention; let the healing process begin! 

Who will work with a bruh? rolling up like Mitt Romney at the NAACP convention;  the healing of the spirit is not complete!! but I keep trying again and again! 

….Trying to win in a game that’s set up for me to lose…jokers try to repeal my program like health care laws like the GOP led house;  but I’m still standing at the end of the day!

….Bruised and battered while striving and struggling…will it lead to a mood disorder like Jesse Jackson Jr?  please!!  let the healing process begin!! but both Angels and Demons are standing in the way!

But we’re circulating…were in transition…cruised through the ATL to STL;  stopped in Louisville..working angles rocking Phat Farm demins,  polos and rocking Air Maxes; but the appearance fools them! 

Standing accused like the Isaac Hayes joint; its strange though…have no fear; using this math to school them! check out the rest of this article at THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: The Healing Of The Spirit Is Not Complete.

The Outback Chronicles / Random Thoughts Edition

Check out these Outback Chronicles; but I’m not down under like Crocodile Dundee!

Plus I’m not at Outback Steakhouse; O-Dizzle goes all out with the track!! O-Zone has this good word; but Blogster is done with me!

Sitting out back on my deck composing this; jazz / funk / breakbeats / hip hop and house are usually composed in the compound! 

In Tulsa some fool is trying to hunt brothas down…so whats going down? I’m out back….on my deck…birds chirping..mockingbirds singing; spotted the red cardinal; maybe because I’m a Louisville brotha like Rozier..but coming with the sound!

check out the rest at Random Thoughts From A Brotha

Relocation / Renovation

Industrial strength mechanical engineering is going down; bear witness to the renovation!

Whatcha know? whats really going on?  just ask Blogster … bear witness to the relocation!

Whatcha know? I was played like a mobster…but I found a portal to slide through;  IT geeks told me it’s for a limited time only!

Just like fast food specials that geeks the masses up like mall specials gasses them up;  shopping at Macy’s or Gap Limited only!

What’s up with it?  like the Supreme Court vs Obama on the health care law….a fast fool tried to play me;  but cosmic karma is a real mother for ya!

Thats the rule Johnny Guitar Watson dropped on them; this is a real brotha for ya!

Check this Louisville / Newburg representative; it’s not elementary like Watson was told by Sherlock Holmes!

Its way too real!!!  but I made a comeback like Tiger Woods…I didn’t merge with the apparatus though; you’ll get hurt like that Holmes!

Its way too real!!  it was tight in these hoods…ditches are full of snitches from Newburg to Sumter South Carolina!

Its like dealing with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or out there in the backwoods; maybe even the Georgia Red Clay that Freddie Hubbard played..didn’t know?  better find out bruh!

I could see smoking the backwoods blowed the mind out of a bruh;  like not putting oil in the Chevy Caprice did the engine!

No joking!!  please!! the economy has me back in these hoods from Decatur Georgia to Charlotte Mecklenburg;  whatcha know?  it aint nothing nice..some are through dealing!

No joking!! so how you feeling as these hoods go through gentrification?

…..Similar to us fixing damaged goods;  during this relocation /renovation!!