Walking Through Doors Like Jim Morrison

Its going down like this!!  I’m walking through doors like Jim Morrison!

Riding the storm in the mothership..rocking Nike Air Maxes, Timberlands or even Doc Martens!

Fighting during the storm like Spartans back in the day !! not like Michigan State per Tom Izzo!

Even though UCF beat them I’m still riding with Louisville Cardinals!! dipping through Newburg;  you heard?  some folk might know how it go!

Currently in the ATL;  my mansion wasn’t auctioned but I make Real Deal Holyfield type moves  as I dip down I-20!

Check the drama..like Mercury retrograde in Scorpio  jokers are Intergalactic with it!! also  local national and international like G-20 acting funny with the money!

Check the drama..whose recruited by Al Shabaab? as other  fanatics act funny like Republicans and the shutdown;  some things were unnecessary!

Check this brotha dropping mathematics when I roll up!! in these days and times?  somewhat necessary!

Quasi revolutionary / intellectual?  clearance rack epiphanies?  letting them go when I come through these doors!

Per Jim Morrison its on again !! evolutionary or intelligent design ? spotted others..It Wasn’t Natural!!  I holla atcha after checking these scores!

Check this brotha dropping funk on them..at the end of the day? Doing What I Do..

Letting them go when I come through these doors!! the brand new funk and the good word…you heard? just doing what I do…

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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