House, Soulful and Disco Mix ♫ 2021

Digital Crate Digging Continues check these menus as we put it down on a Thankful Thursday…

It’s a blessing to be here, so we’re taking it there celebrating life on what’s also a Throwback Thursday..

Reflecting on past episodes, check these modes!! elaborating on the what, when, where and now…

Insurrection modes demonstrated at the Capitol started back in Tea Party days? peep game for the what , when , where and how..

Insurrection modes set off by Mars moving into Taurus joining Uranus during Capricorn season with a January 20 conjunction mentioned by astrologers?

Insurrection modes set off by this sonic assault as we rebuke the hell that’s caught? we’re rocking this!!

Rocking this section? oh yes, we’re listening to House, Soulful and Disco Mix ♫ 2021 courtesy of DJ Groove…

Rocking this section? oh yes! we’re all up in the house!! check the playlist and the mix as we stay in the groove..

01. Micky More, Andy Tee, Angela Johnson – Time (Record Store Day)

02. Delia Renee – You’re Gonna Want Me Back (Joey Negro Disco Blend)

03. Supakings – Back and Forth (Michael Gray)

04. Jakatta, Seal – My Vision (The Vision)

05. Goldtrix feat. Andrea Brown – It’s Love (Trippin’)

06. T.Markakis feat. Elliott Williams-N’Dure – You Got The Love

07. Paul Sirrell feat. Lana C – Touch Me

08. BNC, George Kelly, Idra Kayne – Off To An Island (HP Vince)

09. Risk Assessment – Making Love

10. Inaya Day, DJ Meme, Aline Rocha – Satisfy

11. Milk & Sugar – Stay Around (Earth n Days)

12. MF Productions – Thinking of Disco

13. Kinky Movement feat. Cathy Batiste’s – All You’ve Got To Do

14. Fabrikate – Flame (Mighty Mouse)

15. Ian Ossia – Music Doesn’t Lie

16. Dr Packer – Get Some Soul

17. SIRS feat. Hava Izmailova – Night Wind (Austin Ato)

18. Dave Lee, Billy Valentine – Power Of The Mind (JN Redemption)

19. Reverendos Of Soul, Karmina Dai – Gotta Feeling (Micky More & Andy Tee)

20. Marc Cotterell – Losing You (Unreleased Groove)

21. Kubalibre – Quiero Bailar (Kako from Havana)

22. Giorgio Moroder – Hot Stuff (Russ Danoff)



Holiday Vibes – Vocal Deep House ‘ Summer Chill Out Mix 2018

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; I call it that because things can go either way..

The saga / struggle continues so how will we play it? this good word is dropped and the music will play..

A brotha will drop these good vibes on the tribes!!  reflecting on a New Moon in Taurus that is dropped in our laps..

” Other Other’ vibes are dealt with as Uranus moves to Taurus, so who’s for us or against us? what’s the haps?

Holiday Vibes  Vocal Deep House ‘ Summer Chill Out Mix 2018 courtesy of  LTB Music  will play in the background..

Check out the playlist and the mix to see the deal; it’s some good music!! this is what we do when we come back around…

00:00 Elior – My Eyes (ft. Sarah Monti)

04:10 Just Kiddin – Thinking About It (Defense Remix)

08:45 Flutters, Leusin – You`re Mine (Andrey Kravtsov Remix)

13:00 Boulevard 95 – Watch

17:30 Midnight Pool Party – Vulnerable

20:55 Falqo – The Way You Move (Feat. Kamaliza)

25:25 Nate – Believe Me (Monoteq 80s Remix)

29:30 Le Peere – First Crush (feat. Nupie)

32:50 Frau Mai – Night Travel (Monoteq & Almanah Remix)

38:00 Nora Van Elken – Highway

41:50 Caius – All of My Loving

45:25 Agrume – Spaceship