Deep In The Groove | Deep House Set | DEM Radio Podcast | 2021 Mixed By Johnny M

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; we’re in the lab chilling out on a cold afternoon in Atlanta…

Just talked to my kinfolk up in NYC dealing with 2 feet of snow so I’ll let it go / I won’t complain; somebody will understand a brotha!!

Trust me on this, I’m thankful; it’s a blessing to be here under any circumstances even if they’re debatable..

Being built or torn down? naysayers will clown with the so called constructive criticism like Shaq vs Donovan Mitchell…

Check how we get down using this sound as a response, we’re Deep In The Groove | Deep House Set | DEM Radio Podcast | 2021 Mixed By Johnny M

Check out the playlist and the mix it’s going down like this!! this is what’s up / this is what’s happening..


01. Indio – Mantis Astronaut (Subalpine Remix) 00:00

02. Pascal Pur – Vacation on Kepler-22b (Original Mix) 06:02

03. Roach Motel – The Night (Marlon D’s Mena Keyz Mix) 11:16

04. Max Telaer – Voices (Original Mix) 16:39

05. Jersey Real Estate feat. Jovonn – What Is House (David Oniani Remix) 21:38

06. Alin G, Toman – Untitled (Original Mix) 28:11

07. Halo & Atwater Feat. Mr. V – Change (Original Mix) 33:58

08. Ambos – Vice Versa (Original Mix) 40:24

09. Timonin – Moonrise (BDTom Remix) 46:41

10. Smooth – Moon Over Arrenberg (Original Mix) 52:43




Afro-Mystik – Natural

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out some broken beat / nu jazz / house music from Afro-Mystik   with a cut called Natural….the (Halo & Andre Harris vocal mix)…check it out y’all!!