They Were Getting On The Last One

They were pushing buttons and turning dials!!  the matriarch would say they’re trying to get on that last one.

What? that nerve!!  how did they try to swerve?  like Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton in the debate?  crucial / final conflict?  the last one?

Observing the scene,  soon ready to roll!!  a fast one like dude that dipped in the Mustang at Mall at Stonecrest in Lithonia?

…Drawing sideway glances from the police who were on another call;  so what’s up y’all?  danger zone antics per Boko Haram types will need to be cleaned up with more than ammonia!!

Some are loco son!! sick like the Zika virus!! meanwhile I’m trying to navigate through this danger zone y’all!!  accused of being a shadetree mechanic with defense mechanisms like duct tape, super glue and WD40!! I mentioned a test at my satellite station.

Hate is shown by these constituents,  contributing to the uphill struggle!!   by products are confusion anger and frustration.

Some say *it’s beyond me what shall I do*!!    it’s like trying to stop the Golden State Warriors when  buttons are pressed and dials are turned.

Some were hard headed!! soon victimized during the ongoing spiritual warfare because they couldn’t comprehend the lesson learned.

Reality checks are earned!! profits will drop like Wells Fargo but experience was a good teacher per class being in session…

We’re cashing reality checks and making sound effects!! success? fails? don’t start bro, we had it all covered, out here stressing!!

..Plus constituents were pressing or pushing buttons, turning dials instead of following rites and rituals, trying to get on that last one…

..It wasn’t the Last Train To Clarksville, drama is sparked when your trying to chill!! it’s that nerve!! that’s the last one…



Sick With It Like The Zika Virus

Please!!  it’s rough out here!!  so called movers and shakers are sick with it like the Zika Virus.

Please!! it’s rough out here,  but  some will still take it there!!  moving and shaking like a freak !! Miley Cyrus?

Please!! jokers pulled capers and tried to dip in a Toyota Prius Hybrid that wasn’t charged up.

NSA type jokers pulled papers on fools,  found out they had priors!!  arrests that is: smash and grabs were pulled,  credit cards were stolen and charged up.

Charged up to the max!!  charge it to the game when you get taxed,  finding out what the cost will be per Bill Cosby.

Security was lax, now escorts were on campus like in Louisville so now we have a post season ban!! damn!! jokers are sick like the Zika virus,  that’s where they lost me.

Chilled in the Jax on the First Coast, but pulling for the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 since the Ville won’t win anything: the outlook is bleak for the home team..

Chilled with the wannabe macks and divas down here in Atlanta!! Braves, Falcons and the Hawks are struggling: the outlook is bleak for the home team..

Dealing with the mass hysteria like Russia attacking Syria: Eureka!! the light came on!!  it inspired those waiting in the dark.

Sequences were visualized, soon we evacuated the premises because some are sick with it like the Zika virus!!  they’ll try to play you like a buster or a mark

Some are surprised: O-Dog’s bark is no where close to the bite!! now some accuse him of having hazardous material…

They were living in glass houses throwing stones!! they were sick with it like the zika virus!!! what O-Dog and O-Zone have is spiritual…

Blue Collar: Hard Work Is Put In!! PT.7

It’s going down!! old school blue collar style, like I was rocking a dark blue uniform with my name stitched on it!! maybe in the mechanical room looking at blueprints and flow charts per the mechanical engineering…

It’s going down!! I’m putting in the work!! it’s a hard job but somebody has to do it!! damn!! maybe the Flint Michigan water department could have used better mechanical engineering!!

The structure needs to be dismantled, yellow tape surrounds the construction / corruption site!! part of the Mechanical Engineering process?

Soon it’ll be engulfed in flames but  like Warren Buffett’s Clayton Homes I see the corrupt held on to fragments,  now waters are stagnant like off the coast of Thailand with metal debris not belonging to MH370: damn!!  no healing process?

So what’s up?  like Jimmy Buffett in Margaritaville we’ll rock this!!  we kept on running the marathon, because that’s what life is...

So what’s up? some might feel this Louisville / Newburg blue collar dude, but  haters will continue to knock this!!  they’ll try to show us what toil and strife is…

At the factory? I held on to the handle of the overhead crane with large magnets!! it was like one in a scrapyard where they picked up clunkers and then smashed them:  Michael Douglas / Glenn Close fatal attractions?

Held on!!  told to get over the pain!!  get over it per Dr Phil!!   like at the movies?  get ready for the coming attractions.

Per Bill and Gloria Gaither I’m Holding on to God’s unchaning hand during these interactions!! please!! some are sick like the Zika virus…

We didn’t have time to debate ya like at Democratic Town Hall meetings or Republican debates hard work is put in blue collar style because time waits for no man!! it’s no surprise to us…

Whatcha know man? We’re trying to get things done rocking the drum, plus utilizing this good word…

Check how we flow man!! not acting brand new, I’m still blue collar with it!! you heard? you heard?