Extraordinary PT.8 (Still Doing Business)

Extraordinary circomstances has me collecting scattered thoughts like debt collectors trying to collect bad debts.

Debatable circumstances? being built or torn down as Independence Day is celebrated as I write this? clearance rack epiphanies getting me in trouble?  stimuli begets.

The Humpday Extravaganza is going down, but I’m feeling some kind of way about it per the technical difficulties / interference when placing bets;  soon history repeats like the matrix architect wants it to.

Who’ll understand a brotha? belligerent like fake news from mainstream media or White House briefings?  naw, even though it’s like choose your poison; meanwhile we’re just trying to tell these earthlings what it do.

We had work to do! bringing the noise like Public Enemy!!  still blue collar with it when we holla at you with it!! acting like we knew.

Power, plus a dollar with it? it has Republicans and Democratics cutting up like deregulating the banking industry;  act like you knew.

Whatcha going through?  please!!  nobody cares!!  they want you to continue to pay to play.

Whatcha going through? that’s what they ask O-Zone!  I told them this good word is dropped plus the good music will continue to play.

Damn, how will we play? it’s still extraordinary even though everybody was updating their terms of service due to GDPR decisions made by the European Union.

Let the music play / rock your body!!  what’s gonna be is gonna be! even demon deacons will administer communion.

Even if they’re not from Wake Forest, jokers were fake in the forest! even on this Fourth of July family reunions were full of drama.

Damn, how will we play? it’s still extraordinary even though politicians were fake;  who’s for or against us? check the drama.


Facing Opposition – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

Facing Opposition – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


As we proceed and continue; check out the brand new funk and this composition!

True indeed!! its based on being Caught Up; but we know what’s up..we got wise to the set up; so we pulled out of the competition!

It’s like the GOP vs Pres. Obama …we’re facing opposition from the devil and his advocates!

But were playing our position; check this breakbeat science….we just had to come back with this!

We’re dropping mathematics ..but still dealing with fanatics..realizing I’m out of sync with this; earthlings have too many issues!! I’m trying to get on the one with the universe!

…..Brink of disaster business as usual is rebuked by this futuristic mystic whose trying to reverse the curse!