Change / Strange

Changes were being made…its strange..were some being misled?  these jokers were full of surprises! 

Change or be changed was the cliche / mantra…whats up with ya? they said its strange…were we being built or torn down?  they asked me…circumstances were debatable..but some said I’m full of lies!

Some will start a Pussy Riot like in Russia….as I stay in pursuit of the prize / freedom…..I keep running into distractions! 

Gangsters / pranksters said don’t even try it!! they’re rocking business suits or white tees and khakis…..Rockports or Chucks and Vans; a bruh understands during the interactions! 

Gangsta Chronicles by O-Dizzle broke it down…plus angle workers interrupt the flow…rolling like Romney and Ryan…somebody is lying….a hater stands in the way of progress; factions will bump heads…the clash / wrath of the titans? 

Angels and Demons try engineering like Siemens; mechanical or social….whatcha know? meanwhile this brotha enlightens! Check out the rest od this article at…..Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Change / Strange.


Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Ambush PT.2

We were chilling all up in the spot; then George Zimmerman types rolled up; we got ambushed!

 How were some dealing? acting like some new Jordan’s came out;  the spot got bum rushed!

 It was like the earthquake in Indonesia…please bruh!!  you know bum rush the show was the slogan used by Public Enemy!

Now dry kush has some in a state of limbo!! others rolled like that whistleblower with the New Orleans Saints…they befriended the enemy!

Some will even holla at Sean Hannity…you can’t lie and say Bush / Cheney and them wanted to see the end of me and my kind! 

Policies implemented during that regime are still in affect; some are losing their mind!

check out the rest at Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Ambush PT.2.

The Outback Chronicles PT.2…Just Zoning..

Chilling out ….outback on my deck…in what I thought was going to be a safe haven or safe harbor; I was just zoning!

But spots will get raided…..jokers will go on a shooting spree like in Tulsa…whats up with ya? who has jurisdiction? so called authorities were planning or zoning!

Jurisdictions will hold fund raisers like the Dekalb County police posted up with roadblocks and radars..whose facing time behind bars?  is the truth told or was it pure fiction? whats the business in these hostile territories?

As we repel hostile takeovers from terrorists…asking questions like Mike Wallace….R.I.P….were dedicated to the truth; using a hot style to tell these stories!

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