Its Rough Out Here (The WordPress Version)

What it do?  I keep telling you!!  its rough out here you’ll get fired on like TSA agents at LAX!

What it do?  I keep telling you its rough out here!! this is the WordPress version…at the Sonic Assault we were swerving… jokers are wishing it was simple but things have gotten complex!

But we continue to come with the next..were all up in the spot!!  in the midst of the Deception / Reception….whats the deal with them?  check the Total Chaos!

But we continue to come with the next….using a fresh view / fresh vision…others were still waiting in the dark..misled…lost

The saga / struggle continues!!  please!! like the Pakistani Taliban leader drones will take you out!! your dude is wise to the set up!!  the apparatus wanted us to take a loss!

The saga / struggle continues!!! check the status…intergalactic with it…might even spot me out by the solar eclipse…with the New Moon in Scorpio..whatcha know? I’m bumping heads with aliens..but we refuse to take a loss..

A brotha is down here with ATLiens who front, fake, and floss like it’s all this and that!

Rolling through Decatur…on Glenwood Rd… “those boys” with that  “work”  claim their product is all this and that!

Rolling through Decatur…considered a hater because I was rocking the Louisville Cardinal hat?

No Atlanta Falcons attire or gear!!  please!! they’re having a rough year!!  ATLiens are trying to deal with that!

Meanwhile I’m trying to be real with that and this….a liar is rebuked!! they told me its all gravy baby!

Trying to be real with that and this!!  its rough out here!! were still dealing with jokers Shady Like Grady!


Glitches In The Matrix; They Didn’t Go Away

Whats really going on?  like my blog on WordPress …I heard some are stressed…were dealing with glitches in the matrix! 

Things got hot like the extreme heat this summer…whats up with ya? in the smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors these snitches try to fake it!

The  climate will change…its no joke; who you rolling with? soon under attack like Sikhs in Wisconsin….how did you respond son? drones and satellites will track down the non believers! 

Curiosity Rovers land on Mars…insecure ones try to heal scars..its no joke; danger zones get hit up from the sands of the Middle East like in Syria to the ATL; home of the wannabe macks and divas! 

Its no joke; spotted the stranger who was one of the clones in comfort zones…where slackers and under achievers reside! 

La La and mamby pamby land residents found out there’s no benevolence….due to ongoing glitches in the matrix…please!! that’s per The Architect…whats up with that? there’s no where to run or hide!


THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Glitches In The Matrix; They Didn’t Go Away.

Relocation / Renovation…Its Part Of A Bigger Plan…

What’s the deal..whats on these menus? the saga / struggle continues during this renovation / relocation!

Yellow caution tape surrounds the construction; as we put it down like this!! handling business  like carpenters..we practice our vocation!

Yellow caution tape surrounds the corruption site like its Pakistan;  no love on two occasions was exhibited!

Not like the Deele; day or night ….so how you feel when Shady like Grady feelings are exhibited?

Whats the deal? spots are inhabited…day and night like Kid Cudi!

Were back at WordPress ….you heard this?  its where the renovation will be!

Check how we work this …breakbeat scientific business is conducted…whats the deally?  this is part of a bigger plan!

Moving forward…never backwards;  that’s how this works…..check this renovation / relocation!

Peeping game ; checked the indications …confirming my suspicions that the devil is opposed!

Whose sleeping in the game?  meanwhile check these innovations.. as we take it to another level;  breakbeat science is composed!

Some dosed off…waiting in the dark…now the drama jumps off like its Mogadishu…a hater? I see you…so whats really going on?

We’re moving forward…the vehicle is not in neutral or park..this is part of a bigger plan…as we leave the danger zone…