Eli Escobar – Happiness, Pt. 2

Digital Crate Digging Continues; during this timeframe? Saturday Night Fever is usually in affect..

We get with ya!! hate? digging what’s on these menus? a non-believer will disrespect..

On the other side of the spectrum? all love is shown!! like Terrible / Terrific Tuesday it has to do with the perspective / state of mind..

Who’s disrespecting? usually flagrant agents have something to do with it!! derailed in their Pursuit of Happyness / Happiness unlike Cris Gardner played by Will Smith? reality unkind?

My kind? nappy is the hair, even mine was until I started to rock the baldy!!   El Chapo / Pablo Escobar thug like accusations were met..

The Main Ingredient mentioned Happiness Is Just Around the bend as Eli Escobar brings Happiness, Pt. 2, can you dig it?


Ron Trent and Quentin Harris ‎– Happiness (Instrumental)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday…

Digital / analog? some are digging how we go back and move forward!! the fuel? hungry / thirsty..

Who’ll work with me? some say I act a fool with this and I couldn’t even blame it on Aquarius Full Moon madness..

Who’ll work with me? some say I act a fool with this all the time? Sade / Is It A Crime? I’m just in pursuit of happiness…

..Not the Will Smith movie, jokers try to act brand new with me!! I’m chilling in the lab, so what will the groove be? I’m listening to Ron Trent and Quentin Harris ‎ with the track called Happiness

This is the instrumental, as I avoid situations that are detrimental: but as long as we’re on this earth *there’s always something” dealing with the madness

Who’s instrumental? the devil and his advocates are putting work in, theyre humping!!

In the meantime and between time we’re chilling out, checking out this track that’s bumping..




That’s Where They Lost Me PT. 7

O-Zone will tote a sack full of the Good Word; the funk? O-Dog has a track full…

*Big Homie*  said he had a sack full of the Good Herb! Plus that Thai from Bangkok; he said he’s not a fool..

That’s where they lost me!! Bangkok Dangerous per Nicolas Cage!! but dude said he had Super Powers like Hancock / Will Smith; soon to be a ruler like Slick Rick…

I’m rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! apparently some didn’t understand a bruh!!  listening to Herbie Hancock; up in The Japanese Fleetwood Brougham aka Toyota Camry; this bruh had breakbeat science / game to kick..

What’s the business? spotted dude who was fleet in the hood /  said he was slick like Vladimir Putin in Ukraine!!  but what’s up mane? he’ll end up playing himself…

What’s The Business? check the deliberate falsehood due to some disputing the truth!!  mentioned earlier,  Check Out What We Do To Ourselves..

What are we trying to prove to ourselves? we end up being thrown under the bus..

That’s where they lost me!! The Old school civil rights cliche used by Sharpton and others during the ongoing crisis per NYC Chokeholds / Ferguson and Trayvon Martin’s birthday / earthday?  no peace and no justice….

That’s where they lost me!!  so what’s up with us? we  channel energy provided by the birthday / earth day of Bob Marley

Calculating what it’ll cost me!! I already overpaid the price so why did they even start with me?

Abused like Africans entering Israel?  ran over by the bus or by that earth mover over in Palestine?

That’s where they lost me!! so what’s up with us? we stay one step ahead; catch this brotha  as I go for mine…