Deep House Mix 2019 • Love Underground • Grau Selection

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can go either way..

The saga / struggle continues as we claim the terrific outcome, pulling out the drum as we let the music play..

The saga / struggle continues, my favorite saying because it does continue; the Chef O-Zone will provide a menu full of healthy meals..

…something for the mind, body and spirit as we ride through this danger zone dealing with it; what? the shady deals!!

Mentioned it’s  Shady Like Grady as we deal with Shady McGrady and his constituents, as they roll like Trump, Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo and Rudy Giuliani trashing the constitution..

Wasn’t referring to Whitman Mayo or these Atlanta Grady Babies, my constituents know what’s up son!!

….breakbeat scientific studies conducted at this institution!! in the background Deep House Mix 2019 • Love Underground • Grau Selection will play..

Making a break for it, I mentioned the terrific outcome!! check out the playlist and the mix as we pull out the drum, O-Dog Day Partying / following our motto; “Let The Music Play”

1 – Ishmael – Cold Comfort Farm – 00:00

2 – Jenifa Mayanja – Desire More – 04:26

3 – Robbie Dee – Who We Are – 09:50

4 – ChixUnighted – Sunshine Waltz – 16:00

5 – Re-Bound – Wrong Days (Addex Remix) – 19:24

6 – Steffii, Bazz – This is True – 24:35

7 – Higloo – Bumps – 29:53

8 – Baltimore Chop – Love Decision – 33:37

9 – Smitty and Davenport – Dig This – 39:51

10 – Performative Mode – Path Of Motions & Like I Want You by Lisa Shaw (Fred Everything Vocal) [Mashup by GRAU] – 47:16

11 – The Guzalos – Uno (Timo Camillo’s Walking In Warm Night Mix) – 51:28




The Discussions (Word On The Curb)

Discussions were held with the homies about world affairs;  the game is shady like New England Patriots, know what I’m saying? recognize what it do? it is what it is…

Percussions were  held by the homies in the motherland;  these days? updated to 808’s, kick drums and snares!! weapons in these spiritual warfares?  it is what is..

Interruptions from this or that institution?  please!! it’s Shady Like *errr*  Tom Brady  or maybe Grady  but not homie from Sanford  and Son,  Whitman Mayo and not the hospital down here in Atlanta; so whatcha know?

Corruptions by this or that institution?  it’s on all levels, you’ve even got Burning Man vs Quiznos…

Corruptions by this or that institution?  it’s on all levels so what’s the solution? what were we learning man? were the right bubbles filled out on the scan sheet to pass the quiz? who knows?

We kept it moving, sometimes we had to sacrifice *it ain’t nothing nice* just look around, it shows..

We kept grooving; had to admit we Think Twice like Donald Byrd, especially after we heard the word on the curb!! now we’re like the Epsilon Lupi Magnetic Field...

Ear shattering gunshots exploded, the situation is out of control you heard? ….Eastside /’s *Out Of Control*  but I see how some are trying to roll!! players were acting erratic out in the field!!

Thoughts that were once scattering corroded but chemical reactions mix with raw material collide; thoughts exploded!! Stop and yield signs were destroyed in the process…

Reality was bruising and battering egos; for some pot and liquor was the sanctuary found to stop the stress…

Authorities were bruising and battering Negroes from Ferguson to Baltimore to Charleston; chefs from the old school used pot liquor to marinate the beef…

Territories soon enlarged, check *the steelo* due to working it out / checking the score son!! we were doing what we do, not following anothers belief…