It’s going down!! check out these old school /  boom box symphonies and prophecies.

Please!!  a young and old fool knocks the hustle!! but soon I hit them up with these clearance rack epiphanies.

O-Dog rocks!!  but interference  is dealt with!! check out the extraordinary measures that are taken.

Acting brand new or acting extra? is it  another  hot mess for ya?  check the rebuttal to those that are faking.

Acting brand new or extra when I’m breaking these words and beats?

Acting brand new / extra?  pumping brakes!! out here braking for creatures that roam out into these streets?

They’ll be roadkill!! check the  funk mode;  per the Sonic Assault!! damn!!  I feel some kind of way about all this.

That’s why it’s all about freedom;  extraordinary measures are taken!!  I’m going all out for this!

I see them and wouldn’t want to be them!!  they had there doubts about it like fronting on the Obama coffee cup salute!!

I see them but wouldn’t want to be them!! derelict in their duties like Secret Service at the White House; they weren’t looking out for a brotha!!  meanwhile Cam Newton types were trying to look cute!!

Jokers were acting extra; extra spicy like ATL American Deli wings!!  even acting brand new during the dispute with ISIS per airstikes in Syria

The moves we make? extraordinary!! even though the American dream failed me by turning into a nightmare!!  but I wake up!! the time for the fake is up!! they authored the mass hysteria!!