Updating The Captain’s Log (Full Moon In Virgo Edition)

Check us out! per this Music Monday digital crate digging continues but excuse as we update this Captain’s Log!

Breakbeat Scientific insight is dropped for my people caught out in the smoke enhanced by mirrors and fog!

Plus O-Dog will drop some mean sound on them some might be familiar with how he does!

Familiar like spirits? some say familiarity breeds contempt but Brotha O ignored the unkempt that’s how he does!

Misbehaved? that’s how another one does I guess it’s the times we’re living in!! while another was brave, staring into deaths eye and they didn’t blink.

Enslaved by the apparatus? that was one’s status as fragments of their spirit and soul were already gone. 

Painful memories ignored, even though on the hard drive they’re stored  but they refused to think.

When they did? they’ll keep memories that turned their hearts cold. 

Truth be told when this good word is dropped as I visualized the sequence per this Full Moon in Virgo!

Interfacing with Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius at 29 degrees? a critical stage of development? the mood was melancholy per this or that failed folly? we all have a long way to go…

…with plenty of work to do! we’re not just trying to survive we’re trying to thrive!

We’ve Got A Lot Of Work To Do! this is what’s up  / what it do! bear witness to this product from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta as we update this Captain’s Log, broadcasting all the way live! 


Kyoto Jazz Massive– Nacer Do Soi (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues check us out as we come through on this Sunday evening, it happens to be MLK’s birthday!

Tomorrow the national holiday is celebrated, Joe Biden elaborated down at Ebenezer on Auburn Avenue, now check us out as we drop this Sunday morning type of knowledge, this is how the work will be!

We’ve Got A Lot Of Work To Do, mentioned earlier so who’ll work with a brotha?

Check us out we’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

I don’t know; maybe someone will understand a brotha putting it down like this, coming through with this Kyoto Jazz Massive with a track called Nacer Do Soi (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix)

Sunday Jazzing and O-Dog Day Partying simultaneously, it’s going down from Kyoto Japan to Atlanta somebody has got to feel me / understand a brotha as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!! 

We’ve Got A Lot Of Work To Do (Part Four)

Sunday morning type of business is handled! check it out! we’ve got a lot of work to do. 

Sunday? the Lord’s Day supposedly a day of rest, but the apparatus has us stressed; act like you knew!

But we know what’s up / what it do! we stay rolling in the mothership blasting off from our runway out here off of I-20 in Atlanta; taking flight, out in another constellation. 

James Webb Space Telescope capturing my vision like it did those exoplanets? not spotted / blurry, grainy pictures so its not a good situation. 

Hiden in obscurity, peeping game scoping the situation out; we’ve got a lot of work to do so  we’re working it all out!! I won’t be back until after forever. 

Dude!! get home soon I was told, along with telling me to stop trying to sound clever. 

Check this out at We’ve Got A Lot Of Work To Do (Part Four)