Cali Agents – Just When You Thought It Was Safe

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, that’s the kind of business we’ll handle!!

Also showing gratitude for seeing this day, its blessing to be here!! Thankful Thursday business we’ll handle!!

Who’ll work with me? we’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!!

As I mentioned before the business is local  / national / international / intergalactic, somebody should understand me!!

So they’ll excuse me while I have an old school hip hop moment, checking out Planet Asia and Rasco aka  the Cali Agents – with Just When You Thought It Was Safe, it’s bumping!!

CA in the area…Bay Area stand up!! reminiscing  of West Coasting on this Throwback Thursday, we thought we were doing something!!

Staying On The Path PT.2 (Focused)

We’re staying on the path!! Babylon is full of distractions but we stay focused…

We’re staying on this math; this is what being out in the mainstream did; but we identified the bogus

Staying on the path;  *Bout It Bout It*  per Master P; but had doubts about it;  did I go the wrong way?

Staying on the math; trying to follow the Master’s Plan;  but Caught Up / Out There?  but we soon *wised up*  after we were like Tony Romo; did we call the wrong play?

Staying on the meth?  from the East to West Coast jokers were smoked out; in the Dirty South? they might even have a purple drank…

They just laugh!!  Sony and their hired guns / comedians made North Korea mad because they had an Interview,  and then put the joke out like it was Comedy Central;  but my mind went blank…

We had the last laugh because we failed to see the humor / can’t believe the rumor until I see it with my own eyes..

Check You Tube?  meanwhile the hooptie needs a Jiffy Lube!!  rude?  jokers with that *He Said She Said*  just a bunch of lies..

The Mothership flies through the universe beyond these Atlanta skyscrapers…

A brotha gets funky with the West Coast mentality;  might slide through the A-Town in scrapers..

Haters catch the vapors from the old Crown Vic!! burning the late great Hugo Chavez’s oil…

….Or is it Texas tea courtesy of George and them;  we’re focused!!  staying on the path we weren’t living large with those and them!! the surprise they’ll spoil..